Norris’ anger at McLaren: If I was more of a rebel…

The McLaren driver was not very happy with the team orders given at the 2022 Azerbaijan GP


Lando Norris was not happy with what happened at the 2022 Azerbaijan Grand Prix as the McLaren driver finished ninth, one place behind teammate Daniel Ricciardo

In the 2022 Drivers Standings, the Briton is seventh with 50 points, but that is no consolation for Norris, who was not happy with McLaren‘s decision to leave him behind the Australian driver. 

So much so that Norris let slip that he shouldn’t have accepted the request so easily, as he felt he had the pace to overtake Fernando Alonso, should he have been let past Ricciardo.

“I am a team player so I accepted that I couldn’t overtake at the end, and I couldn’t go for the position,” Norris said after the race.

“Daniel did help me out in the middle, it was one lap that he wasn’t allowed to overtake me on.

“If the return favour is to not overtake him at all in the last three laps, I guess I have to accept it. I think it was fair, I don’t think what we did was incorrect. 

McLaren’s Lando Norris during 2022 Azerbaijan Grand Prix qualifying REUTERS/Murad Sezer

“It’s just you’re racing, you always want to push it, you always want to find what the limit of it is. But I could have done…

“I was up the inside into Turn 1 and I gave way to him and let him through still. I could’ve finished eighth if I was more of a rebel, but I accept what we did as a team.

“I think what we did today was strong. Our aim was to be in the points with both cars, and that’s exactly what we did, so I’m happy with that.”

Seidl’s explanation

In the 2022 Constructor Standings, McLaren remain the fourth best team in the championship with 65 points. Alpine are chasing them in fifth with 47 points. 

So Woking the team are relatively satisfied with how things turned out in the end on the Baku street circuit. 

“I think what we hear on the radio is what you would like to hear from every driver, to be ambitious and try to have the best possible race for himself,” McLaren team boss Andreas Seidl said.

“That’s why there is a team that makes sure to have the best possible result for the structure, without risking losing two cars on track by crashing into each other. 

“Our idea was to keep both cars in position behind Fernando, and make sure we kept Ocon at bay, which we did. I don’t think it was possible to do more with the package we had here.

“Our drivers are free to compete, and we always try to give both drivers the same opportunities to do well, because that’s our responsibility. 

“But if we have different strategies and so on, obviously you have to make sure as a team that you maximise the result for the team.”


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