Monaco GP Weather: Latest forecast for F1 2024 race in Monte Carlo

Monaco is known for its changeable weather conditions due to the unpredictable Mediterranean climate, find out the latest forecast for the 2024 Monaco Grand Prix


The 2024 Monaco Grand Prix, scheduled from May 24-26, is set to feature unpredictable weather conditions. As one of the most prestigious events on the Formula 1 calendar, the Monaco GP is renowned for its challenging circuit that winds through the narrow streets of Monte Carlo, testing the skills of even the most seasoned drivers.

Traditionally, during the Monaco GP weather has been relatively stable, with mild temperatures and clear skies being the norm. The Mediterranean climate usually brings sunshine, making for ideal racing conditions and a picturesque backdrop for the fans and viewers worldwide. However, the region is not immune to sudden changes in weather, which can significantly impact the race and qualifying.

In previous Monaco GPs, there have been instances where unexpected rain showers have added an element of unpredictability to the race. Such conditions can turn the race on its head, as drivers and teams must swiftly adapt to the changing track conditions. The combination of a tight circuit and wet weather often leads to dramatic and memorable races, adding to the allure and excitement of the Monaco GP.

Monaco GP Weather Forecast 2024

Friday, May 24 – Practice 1 and 2

On Friday, the weather is expected to be partly cloudy with intermittent rain showers throughout the day. The morning session of Practice 1 could see temperatures around 18°C, with a track temperature rising to approximately 22°C by the afternoon. Winds will be moderate, coming from the southwest at about 10-15 km/h, which could affect the cars’ aerodynamics, particularly in the tunnel section. 

Rain is likely to start in the late morning and could continue sporadically into the afternoon, making for a potentially wet Practice 2 session. Teams will need to be vigilant and adaptable with their setup adjustments as the track conditions evolve.

Saturday, May 25 – Practice 3 and Qualifying

Saturday’s weather forecast indicates a higher chance of rain, with the morning expected to start off cloudy and light rain anticipated during Practice 3. Temperatures are forecasted to be around 17°C, with the track temperature struggling to reach beyond 20°C. Winds will shift slightly, blowing from the west at 12-18 km/h. 

By the time Qualifying begins in the afternoon, heavier rain showers are expected, which could significantly impact grip levels on the street circuit. The likelihood of rain during qualifying could mix up the starting order, favouring those who excel in wet conditions.

Sunday, May 26 – Monaco Grand Prix

Race day on Sunday present the easiest weather conditions of the 2024 Monaco GP weekend. The forecast predicts a lower risk of rain in the morning, easing more by the race start in the afternoon. Ambient temperatures will hover around 16°C, with a maximum of 20°C. 

Winds will be stronger, blowing from the northwest at 20-25 km/h, which could create additional challenges for the drivers, particularly on the waterfront sections of the track. If rain does arrive, visibility and traction will be major concerns, increasing the likelihood of incidents and safety car deployments. 

John Smith
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