Mercedes trolled by Ryanair on Twitter with epic Verstappen response

    Mercedes F1 team and budget airline Ryanair has a little back-and-forth on Twitter


    The world of Twitter can sometimes reveal the best and worst of mankind, and if more often than not a hive of trolls, looking to get one over on other users. On this occasion, it was the Mercedes F1 team who were on the end of a scathing put down by budget airline Ryanair

    In what started off as some light-hearted banter between two official accounts, soon turned into a Twitter bloodbath, with Mercedes on the receiving end. 

    After Mercedes tweeted a picture of Lewis Hamilton’s car being carried in the sky – using the picture of his car hanging from a crane in Monaco – Ryanair were quick to pass on all blame should anything happen to Mercedes ‘luggage’. Nothing to see here. 

    Mercedes though, thought they had the perfect response to the budget airline, who famously charge for every little extra you add to your plane ticket, including the selection of a specific seat on your flight. 

    “Just pleased we got a window seat,” Mercedes tweeted. 

    This though just set up Ryanair for the fatality, and the quick-witted admin replied: “Good for watching Max fly past.”

    In clear reference to rival Max Verstappen of Red Bull, who has bar far the quickest car on the F1 grid, while Mercedes have slipped down the order and currently sit third in the constructor standings. 

    It didn’t end there though, as Red Bull mechanic Calum Nicholas couldn’t help but congratulate Ryanair on their spectacular Twitter game. 

    “This is some of your finest work.. Bravo,” Nicholas tweeted. 


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