Max Verstappen humble on GOAT debate: We are all human

Max Verstappen is widely regarded as one of the best F1 drivers of all time


Max Verstappen has a reputation for his relentless talent on the race track and his straight-talking direct nature. He flexed the latter by showing humbleness in the greatest of all time debate with a reference to going to the bathroom.

The topic was posed when Verstappen, who likes football, was asked if he would be impressed or star struck if he saw Lionel Messi walk into the bathroom whilst he was there.

Messi is viewed as the greatest footballer of all-time but that wouldn’t phase Verstappen, who said he would simply shake his hand to get around a language barrier as they do not speak the same language.

“You have to simplify that to everyone going to the bathroom the same way,” Verstappen said to Dutch media. “Or goes to the same bathroom, right?

“One is the best at football, another at racing and another at athletics, in the end, they are all good at their sports.

“However, we are all human, and I also enjoy going out to dinner with family and friends, or being silly, or on the beach.”

Verstappen’s break from F1

Verstappen is enjoying his break from Formula 1 by doing more racing. The Dutchman recently entered and unsurprisingly won the digital race at the Nordschleife with Team Redline under his Racing brand.

The event took place on December 16 on a virtual render of the 21 kilometre long circuit containing 73 corners, where Niki Lauda infamously suffered third degree burns in a crash in 1976.

Verstappen and Rudy van Buren defeated Elias Seppanen and Kevin Ellis Jr. in the Mercedes-AMG GT3 cars by just under five seconds.


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