Max Verstappen wants to forge his own legacy after dominant 2023

Max Verstappen wants to make his own legacy after he helped Red Bull to a sixth constructors' title in F1


Max Verstappen has hinted he doesn’t wish to replicate the styles of other great drivers who have previously dominated Formula 1 as he edges closer to another world title.

Providing factors fall into play, Verstappen can clinch a third consecutive world championship at the 2023 Qatar Grand Prix on October 8 after a season which saw him win 10 consecutive races.

“I was never really a fan of anyone,” admitted Verstappen to the press. “I just appreciated everyone’s success and from my side. I was like, I want to be there one day.

“I wanted to stand on the podium or win races, but everyone’s different. Everyone has a different way of how you get to F1 anyway, a different upbringing. 

“So, there are a lot of factors that come into play. The beautiful thing about F1 is everyone is different because if everyone were the same, I think it would be quite boring.

“But the success of some of the greats is amazing. You might get a bit of inspiration from it. I wouldn’t necessarily want to try and do it the same way.”

Suzuka is a beautiful track’ to drive when car is just planted

Before wrapping up the drivers’ championship, Verstappen helped Red Bull clinch its sixth constructors’ title at Suzuka in a season with the Milton-Keynes-based outfit winning all but one race in 2023.

Red Bull’s engine suppliers, Honda own Suzuka and Verstappen, gave them a lap to savour after qualifying on pole position before going on to win his 12th race of 2023.

“It was on the limit, but it felt in control,” told Verstappen. “I think it is very nice when the car does exactly what you want it to do. Just enjoyable.

“I mean, there are a few sectors like Austin that are also very quick, but here, I think what makes it very special is that there is no runoff. 

“So, if you have a moment, you’re going off. In Austin, you have the runoff and tarmac; normally, it’s more forgiving. So that’s why I think this track is really beautiful to drive once the car is planted.”


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