Max Verstappen bullish over Red Bull Hungarian GP upgrades

The RB19 has some new parts this weekend that could take it further away from the competition


Max Verstappen is very confident that the new Red Bull upgrades coming at the 2023 Hungarian Grand Prix will see their Formula 1 advantage grow even further.

The RB19 has won all 10 races in 2023 with Verstappen behind eight of them but the team at Milton Keynes are not content with slowing down anytime soon. They’ve brought new components to Budapest which could well bring up to two-tenths of performance.

Verstappen was in a chipper mood at the press conference and reminded everyone that all teams are improving and Red Bull have to do so to stay ahead.

“They look good,” Verstappen bluntly said when asked about the upgrades ahead of the 2023 Hungarian GP. “Normally they make the car faster but also they look nice.

“Everyone naturally tries to improve their car right? So that’s what we’re trying to do.”

When asked where he thinks the upgrades will help, Verstappen, again bluntly, said: “In the corners.”

Open to Ricciardo return

Verstappen was teammates with Daniel Ricciardo from 2016 to 2018 at Red Bull before the Australian left to be the main man at Renault.

Ricciardo is now back in F1 after being axed by McLaren at the AlphaTauri team which could see a path back to Red Bull in the future. Verstappen would be open to the 34-year-old’s return to the team despite that being some way in the distance yet.

“I never actually wanted him to leave,” Verstappen added. “We get on very well and, of course, if Daniel does well where he is now he has the opportunity to go back up.

“That’s all open, to be honest.”


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