F1 Miami Grand Prix 2024 – Highlights and results

Follow all the action on the Total Motorsport live blog as teams and drivers hit the Miami International Autodrome for the 2024 Miami Grand Prix


Welcome to this Total-Motorsport.com live blog for the 2024 Miami Grand Prix, coming to you LIVE from the paddock at the Miami International Autodrome as the 2024 Formula 1 season continues.

The highly anticipated F1 Miami GP 2024 is set to deliver an exhilarating weekend of racing, and that begins in earnest with the Sprint Race at 12:00 local time. After just one practice session to prepare, anything could happen in the Sprint with plenty of potential for drivers to be caught out if they’ve not nailed their setup.

Located at the Miami International Autodrome, the track features a dynamic 5.41 km layout with 19 corners, which include elevation changes and multiple DRS zones, promising high-speed action and strategic overtaking opportunities.

Stay tuned for all the F1 action live from the Miami International Autodrome. Refresh this page for all the latest updates from the 2024 Miami Grand Prix.

F1 Miami GP 2024: Live Updates and Reaction

Lando Norris’s emotional reaction to the greatest day of his career!

Five years, 110 races, 16 podiums and one pole position later, Lando Norris finally gets his win so how does he feel?

“About time huh?! What a race,” Norris said to media after the race. “It’s been a long time coming, at last I’ve been able to do it for my team and deliver for them. It was a long race, the whole weekend has been good with some little setbacks along the way.”

“I knew on Friday we had the pace. Today we managed to put it together. We had the perfect strategy. What do I say to [McLaren]? I’ve made a lot of mistakes along the way but today we put it all together and it’s for them. We’ve stuck together and I believe in them.”

Missed the race or struggled to remember all of it? Here’s your Miami GP report…

Your results from a 2024 Miami Grand Prix nobody expected!

Who woke up this morning thinking Max Verstappen would lose? Other than Lando Norris? A hectic race full of drama and here’s your results, pending official classification.

Max Verstappen reacts to his second loss of the season…

Max Verstappen’s now lost two races this season with the other coming in Australia, but how does he feel about today’s race as he extends his championship lead and sees his friend win?

“You win, you lose, we are all used to that in racing,” Verstappen said to media post-race. “Today was just tricky, even on the mediums we weren’t pulling away. Once they switched onto the hard tyre, they were flying. If a bad day is P2, I take it.

“I’m happy for Lando, it’s been a long time coming and it’s not going to be his last one. He deserves it today. [McLaren] came with an upgrade, for sure it looks like it works right?! We’ll analyse and try to come back stronger.”

Andrea Stella’s first win as a team principal

How did the Italian keep his cool in those final few laps? Today caught the McLaren boss off-guard but he will be delighted all the same!

“We knew the car was quick, but it’s a bit of a surprise,” Stella told Sky Sports F1.

Charles Leclerc closed out the podium in a difficult race that will go down as a missed opportunity

Leclerc started second but his race began to unravel as soon as Turn 1 with Sergio Perez’s lock-up so how does he feel as another chance to win with Ferrari slipped out of his grasp?

“I didn’t have a great start, had wheelspin, Checo [Perez] on the right locked up and I thought we would crash,” Leclerc said to media after the Miami GP. “But fortunately we all got out with no damage. Unfortunately we missed a little bit of pace. We managed everything quite well, and P3 was the best we could do.

“I’m really happy for Lando, he deserves it. We were expecting them to be strong – maybe not as strong as they showed today, Now it is up to us to bring the upgrades and catch up.”

Plaudits pour in from the paddock for Norris’ incredible triumph

Jolyon Palmer, former Renault driver on BBC Radio 5 Live: “I wonder how much his elation and how much his relief of finally winning as well, he’s had all those podiums!

“All that praise, we’ve all seen for such a long time the level of talent he has, but finally when he has a chance to win he’s been able to deliver it.”

Screams and joy from Lando Norris at the flag!

Lando Norris’ post-race radio:
Will Joseph (Norris’ engineer): “You’ve done it, you’ve done it mate.”

Norris: “Woooooo, wooooo! I love you all, I love you all. Thank you so much. We did it Will! We did it!

“I guess that’s how it’s done. Finally. I’m so happy. I knew it. I knew it as I came in this morning. I said ‘today is the day, what an opportunity’. I nailed it, you nailed it.

“Thanks mum, thanks dad, this one is for my grandma. Thank you very much.”

How did the Top 10 finish in Miami?

We don’t need to tell you who the winner is as you can hear the cheers from Woking from your living room and all around the world as Lando Norris takes his maiden win in Formula 1 by beating Max Verstappen!

1. Lando Norris (McLaren)
2. Max Verstappen (Red Bull)
3. Charles Leclerc (Ferrari)
4. Carlos Sainz (Ferrari)
5. Sergio Perez (Red Bull)
6. Lewis Hamilton (Mercedes)
7. Yuki Tsunoda (RB)
8. George Russell (Mercedes)
9. Fernando Alonso (Aston Martin)
10. Esteban Ocon (Alpine)


Nobody expected this when they woke up this morning, except perhaps Lando Norris himself who was quietly optimistic and he’s had his dreams realized as he takes his first ever win in Formula 1 by beating Max Verstappen on pace for the first time since July 2022!

After a great overcut he got lucky with the safety car but it’s about seizing the moment and that’s exactly what he did as he dropped eight seconds on Verstappen to cruise to his first win after navigating the restart.

That brings to an end a wait for a win that extended over 100 races with plenty of heartbreak there for him in Italy and Russia, what a day for Lando Norris! Take a bow!

LAP 55/57: Two laps to go, Norris on the verge

Lando Norris can almost see the chequered flag as his first win is coming his way now, he just has to keep it on the road.

What a moment, what a day, what a story for McLaren F1 team!

LAP 53/57: Huge lock-up by Albon

Alex Albon makes a huge mistake as he locks up and allows four cars to go through. McLaren must have had their heart in their mouths as the last thing they need right now is a safety car to come out with Norris 6.5 seconds in the lead…

LAP 52/57: Norris five laps from a dream come true

Lando Norris was hopeful of a win today but he surely wasn’t thinking it would happen after the opening stint of the race for most of the grid, but with a bit of luck and some great opportunism, he’s on the cusp of his maiden win in the sport.

“Lando and McLaren have just outperformed Red Bull,” Sky Sports F1’s Martin Brundle said of Norris’ pace. “And it’s been a long time since we’ve been able to say that. They’ve simply outpaced them.”

LAP 51/57: Hamilton still hanging on to Perez’s gearbox

One of Lewis Hamilton’s best skills is sitting comfortably in another car’s dirty air and that’s what he’s done throughout this second half of the race as his Mercedes lacks a bit of top speed to get the move done.

With six to go, he’s less than a second behind the Mexican’s Red Bull.

LAP 49/57: Fernando Alonso’s desire to fight is incredible

Many drivers might have just decided to settle for 10th with a pretty slow car and a handful of laps left but not Fernando Alonso as he fights his ex-Alpine rival, Esteban Ocon, tooth and nail for ninth place and he finally gets his man after a determined effort.

LAP 48/57: Verstappen has no tools to fight back

Jolyon Palmer, former Renault driver on BBC Radio 5 Live, “He’s [Norris] is four-tenths quicker than Verstappen on the last lap, every lap Norris is growing that lead little bit by little bit.”

It’s true. Lando Norris is leading by five seconds now. This will be the first time the Dutchman has been beaten in a genuine fight since 2022. Sensational form from him but it’s coming to an end in Miami.

LAP 46/57: Magnussen might be banned at this rate

This must be Magnussen’s fifth penalty of the weekend if the race stewards decide he broke safety car procedure by entering the pit-lane, he’s on eight penalty points prior to this race and 12 in a 12-month period results in a ban.

It’s going to be touch and go for the Danish driver come the end of the day.

LAP 44/57: Great move by Stroll

In case you missed it, there is some racing going on outside of the top six in this race as Lance Stroll makes a very nice move around the outside of Daniel Ricciardo through Turns 1 and 2.

Stroll’s running in 15th but he got caught out by the safety car.

LAP 43/57: Hamilton wants more power

“If you’ve got any more power, give it to me,” declares a motivated Hamilton as he hunts down Sergio Perez for fifth place. He’s 0.6 behind at the moment.

LAP 42/57: Lando Norris comfortable

Norris leads Max Verstappen by 3-3.5 seconds and that’s how the gap has stayed for a while as he continues to manage this race and the gap. He must be starting to get giddy as his first win begins to loom large on the horizon!

LAP 39-40/57: Sainz gets desperate

Carlos Sainz sends a very frustrated move up the inside of Oscar Piastri and he has to slam on the brakes to stop his car, giving damage to the McLaren who then fights back before locking up into Turn 1.

Piastri then takes extra punishment as Hamilton and Perez get by too. Piastri will have to pit. Will that be a penalty for Sainz?

Piastri rejoins in 19th, last of the front runners.

LAP 37/57: 20 LAPS TO GO, Norris leads

“I can’t get the car to turn – it is a disaster,” Verstappen says, complaining about understeer on his Red Bull as Lando Norris continues to extend his gap to the world champion behind. Lewis Hamilton is also rapid right now but he’s down in 7th place and likely not a threat without another safety car.

LAP 36/57: Sainz furious about Piastri’s move

Sainz hasn’t let the fact that he was pushed off go, and to be fair, that’s understandable. He’s pleading with his engineer to tell Piastri to give him the spot back but so far McLaren are ignoring him as Race Control decides no further investigation.

Norris leads by TWO seconds as he sets another fastest lap.

LAP 34/57: Norris breaks DRS

That’s worked out perfectly for Lando Norris as he breaks DRS to Max Verstappen with a 1.3 second lead! Verstappen’s now under pressure from Leclerc who has DRS!

Piastri might get in trouble as he pushes Carlos Sainz off whilst defending the position but Zak Brown is very happy.

“Both guys are doing a great job, let’s see – a lot of racing left to go,” the McLaren CEO said.

LAP 32/57: GREEN FLAG: Norris holds the lead

Lando Norris almost got that restart all wrong as he gave Max Verstappen a beautiful tow but he judged it to perfection as Verstappen didn’t have the room to make a move. Meanwhile they’re all holding position right now.

Norris has a whole second lead!

LAP 31/57: Magnussen gets a 10-second penalty

Logan Sargeant’s Williams might have thought he got the move done on the Kevin Magnussen, but the Haas had no intention of giving up the place just yet and he turns into the Danish driver.

Sargeant ends up in the barrier and Magnussen has some damage. Sargeant is out and Magnussen is now last of the front runners. That Haas has been in the wars this weekend.

LAP 30/57: Safety car confusion here

That was an odd moment as Lando Norris pitted and came out ahead of the safety car, essentially putting him a lap ahead of everyone else until Race Control instructs the whole grid to overtake the safety car.

Now things are back to normal.

LAP 28/57: SAFETY CAR – NORRIS LEADS – Sargeant is out

Kevin Magnussen and Logan Sargeant crash and that gives Lando Norris the chance to take a cheap stop from the lead of the race as he jumps ahead of the whole pack! This is GAME ON for McLaren! Verstappen will have a lot of work to do now.

Perez and Tsunoda also switch to a two-stopper as they boot on the medium tyres again. The hards haven’t been great today.

LAP 28/57: Piastri pits!

The Australian produced a mega stint and will now have a tyre advantage over the leaders as he rejoins the track four seconds behind Max Verstappen, who locks up once again! Can McLaren win this race?!

LAP 27/57: Mercedes give up on the front

Hamilton’s alternate strategy looked as though it could give them a chance to climb up the field but now Mercedes have abandoned that idea and they’re looking behind them as he pits for mediums.

He comes out in 9th place, with his teammate just behind as he clears Daniel Ricciardo.

LAP 25/57: Nico Hulkenberg slips backwards, Russell pits

Esteban Ocon’s Alpine clears the Haas for 12th place as it struggles with the hard compound tyre, meanwhile George Russell pits in three seconds and remerges in 12th too, with Ocon taking 11th. Not a good few moments for Hulkenberg’s race.

LAP 23/57: Verstappen pits

The Dutchman wants his front wing adjusted and he still gets serviced in a slick 2.2 seconds as he crawls down the pit-lane with Oscar Piastri taking the lead, what sort of speed to McLaren have now?

Verstappen’s now running in 4th.


The FIA proves to be very generous to Max Verstappen as they only throw the Virtual Safety Car to deal with the bollard, and the safety car quickly ends as Alonso pits.

None of the front four had the chance.

LAP 22/57: Verstappen hits a bollard!

Max Verstappen makes a very rare mistake as he has to catch some oversteer and whacks into a bollard in the slow chicane. He drags the bollard around the track for a little until it releases off the back of his car.

LAP 21/57: Norris lights up the track

Lando Norris is beginning to light up the track as he bangs in fastest lap after fastest lap after fastest lap, it surely won’t be much longer until he pits?

He’s currently running four seconds behind Carlos Sainz and he’s 12 seconds ahead of Lewis Hamil – Charles Lecerc, as the Monegasque driver passes the Mercedes for 5th.

LAP 19/57: Leclerc pits!

Charles Leclerc is the first of the Ferrari’s to pit and he comes back out onto the track in 6th place, splitting the two Mercedes. Ferrari match Red Bull’s 1.9-second stop for Perez, that’s an excellent effort for both teams.

Mercedes are over a pit-stop behind the leaders after 20 laps, what’s going on at Toto Wolff’s team?

LAP 17/57: Perez pits!

Sergio Perez was beginning to get extreme with his defence as he began moving under braking so Red Bull wasted no time dragging him in for new tyres. Defending will only cost him lap time so it makes sense.

Norris now has the chance to show his hand and overcut the Mexican if he has the speed…

LAP 16/57: Norris frustrated behind Perez

This is reminiscent of the Saudi Arabian GP for McLaren as Lando Norris is lacking just a few extra miles per hour to make a move on Sergio Perez. Will they bring him in soon to attempt to undercut the Red Bull?

Lap 15/57: Norris close to Perez

McLaren seem quick today as Lando Norris is now frantically looking for a way past Sergio Perez’s Red Bull for 5th place. Piastri’s making Verstappen uncomfortable too, the Dutchman will need to concentrate today.

LAP 13/57: Pit-stop time

Lance Stroll is the first to pit for hard tyres and then Nico Hulkenberg follows soon after. In fact, everyone from 15th below has now stopped for fresh rubber. We will see how the leaders react soon.

LAP 11/57: Are Red Bull actually quick?

Max Verstappen only leads by 2.6 seconds from Oscar Piastri so far, with the McLaren possessing DRS behind him.

However, we don’t know if Verstappen is pushing or managing. It’s expected to be a one-stop and the tyres were difficult yesterday. Is the Dutchman just maintaining the gap with a safe pit stop buffer?

LAP 10/57: Hamilton gets back passed Hulkenberg!

This time the Haas doesn’t weave too late as Hamilton gets the move done with some coaching from Bono regarding the exit of Turn 8. Hulkenberg doesn’t seem too impressed with his race engineer as he calls for some awareness and common sense.

The German’s Haas is now defending from George Russell.

LAP 9/57: Perez cleared of a false start

Sergio Perez has been cleared of a false start by the race stewards, so now we wait to see what happens with the Ferrari complaints.

Meanwhile both Mercedes are close as they’re caught in Nico Hulkenberg’s DRS train…

LAP 8/57: Hamilton scrapping Hulkenberg

Lewis Hamilton finally gets passed the Haas as his hard tyres begin to come into their working window but it was not easy as they almost crash again as he did with Kevin Magnussen.

But then Hulkenberg gets back past the Mercedes after Hamilton locks up into Turn 17, maybe his tyres aren’t quite perfect yet…

LAP 7/57: Perez under investigation for a false start

The Mexican’s day might get even worse as Carlos Sainz and Ferrari report him to the race stewards for his opening lap lock-up that forced the Spaniard to lose one place.

LAP 5/57: Oscar Piastri moves up into second!

This race has completely opened up for the young Australian who leads Lando Norris by around five seconds.

He’s now into second place after sending it down the inside of Charles Leclerc, who is really struggling with his rear tyres.

Here’s how close Perez came to making Max Verstappen a very angry man…

Fortunately for Perez’s future, the Dutchman survived and leads by two seconds now after four laps.

LAP 2/57: Hamilton going backwards

Lewis Hamilton will take some pain at the start of this Grand Prix as he uses the hard tyres whilst everyone is on the mediums, so far Nico Hulkenberg has passed him and Yuki Tsunoda is close behind.

LAP 1/57: Verstappen leads as Perez almost crashes the front three out!

Carlos Sainz will be fuming! He got a great start and was poised to take second place until Sergio Perez completely locked up and forced him to take evasive action! That allowed Oscar Piastri to jump the Ferrari’s into third!

Here’s the tyres for the start…

The formation lap is underway, Lewis Hamilton is the only one in the Top 10 on the hards, lets see how that goes for him…

The softs haven’t been much use all weekend as Pirelli expects medium starters before switching to the hards to manage to the end with overtaking being far from easy at the Miami International Autodrome.

But will someone gamble on a two-stopper and show the tyre manufacturer wrong as temperatures continue to drop?

10 minutes to go!

Lights out is almost here and Total-Motorsport.com is ready, are you?

Andretti make their latest threat to Formula 1 and Liberty Media…

Andretti’s rejection from Formula 1 might not be the biggest shock after the lobbying from the team, but it was absolutely nonsensical and with the backing of the United States’ Congress, they’re pushing on with their preparations.

They gave a huge update as to how that’s going just now on the grid…

“All I can say is that we’re working every day on it,” Mario Andretti said to Sky Sports F1. “We’re ready to meet whatever challenge there is Just tell us what, and we’re in. We’re preparing in every possible way and our intention is to be on the grid in 2026.

“Absolutely, 100 per cent. We’re working on it already. Come to Silverstone, we’ll show you.

“That was because of Formula 1 had an exhibition of Red Bull at the Pennsylvania Avenue and members of congress knew more than I ever thought about our plight, so they asked me to come there and explain why we’re not allowed yet. So that was the case.” 

Formula 1 might be counting down the last 10 minutes to lights out, but it’s Andretti who are counting down to 2026…

Martin Brundle’s Grid Walks are infamous in F1, but who might he run into today?

Here’s all the famous people turning out for the 2024 Miami Grand Prix…

Here is how they line-up for the 2024 Miami GP…

Max Verstappen will head the pack into Turn 1 with two scarlet (and blue) Ferrari’s close behind, but how do they line-up elsewhere?

Here’s the vital information.

Can McLaren make it a three-way fight for the win? Lando Norris thinks so!

Lando Norris is still gunning for his first ever career win so could he and McLaren sent their orange fans into delirium today? He thinks there is a good chance and he’s locked in and ready to go…

“I’m confident,” Lando Norris told Sky Sports F1. “The car has been good all weekend. The results have been up and down but the team have done a great job. I’m confident we can get some good points today.

“The wind picking up is not good for us. These hot conditions are not in our favour but we are in a good position. We are fifth but were two tenths off pole. We can still do something and we’ve got two cars to use.”

Welcome to the blog! We have 45 minutes until lights out!

The race will begin at 16:00 Eastern Time for any American viewers, whilst lights out takes place at 21:00 if you’re in the United Kingdom.

We have a mouth-watering prospect on our hands today with the potential for battles throughout the grid as Max Verstappen will need to fend off two Ferrari’s into Turn 1 and perhaps beyond, whilst McLaren are not too far behind the trio with Sergio Perez right up there too.

Between 9th on the grid and 13th comes Nico Hulkenberg, Yuki Tsunoda, Lance Stroll, Pierre Gasly and Esteban Ocon meaning all of those will be intense in the opening stages as they look for crucial points for their own and their team’s championships.

Stay tuned here with Total-Motorsport.com!

The Miami International Autodrome‘s design, with its combination of high-speed straights and technical sections, tests both driver skill and car performance meaning it’s an even bigger challenge after such little preparation time.

The weather could play a significant role in the session’s dynamics. Miami’s climate in May can be unpredictable, with possibilities of sudden rain showers that could impact the track conditions and force teams to adjust their strategies accordingly​.

As the drivers take to the track, all eyes will be on the top contenders like Max Verstappen, who has shown strong performances in previous races, to see if they can maintain their momentum or if rivals will close the gap.

Also, any new technological adjustments by teams like Red Bull, Ferrari, and Mercedes will be scrutinised to gauge their impact on the performance hierarchy established earlier in the season.

Where to Watch the F1 2024 Miami GP

Sky Sports F1 remains the home for live Formula 1 racing in the UK. The channel will provide comprehensive coverage of the Miami GP, including practice, qualifying, the F1 Sprint, and the race itself. Meanwhile, F1 fans in the USA can catch all the action across ESPN.

Brandon Sutton
Brandon Sutton
Brandon is an alumni of an NCTJ and BJTC Liverpool John Moores University course, and has been with Total-Motorsport.com for over a year now. He enjoys covering all forms of motorsport but particularly focuses on Formula 1, and Brandon loves to debate various topics of the sport and other interests, especially if that topic doesn't have an open/shut answer such as the GOAT debate.
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