F1 LIVE: British Grand Prix 2024 – Hamilton’s blockbuster battle with Verstappen and Norris for victory

Follow all the F1 action on the Total Motorsport live blog as teams and drivers take to Silverstone for the 2024 British Grand Prix


Welcome to Total-Motorsport’s live F1 coverage of the 2024 British GP. Held at the iconic Silverstone Circuit, as we reach the midpoint of an exciting Formula 1 season, so stay with us as we bring you real-time updates and insights from the track.

The British Grand Prix, along with the Italian Grand Prix, is one of only two permanent fixtures on the Formula 1 calendar. This year marks the 75th British Grand Prix and the 58th race held at Silverstone, which also celebrated the championship’s 70th anniversary with an additional round in 2020. 

Established in 1942 as a Royal Air Force airfield, Silverstone has hosted Formula 1 races since 1950, where Nino Farina claimed the inaugural victory driving an Alfa Romeo. The track spans 5.861 kilometres, making it the fifth longest on the calendar, and is renowned for its challenging corners like Maggotts, Becketts, and Chapel, which impose substantial lateral forces exceeding 5G.

George Russell claimed pole position for the 2024 British GP, leading a Mercedes front-row lockout with teammate Lewis Hamilton qualifying second. Lando Norris keeps his impressive form up will start third for McLaren, making it a British 1-2-3 at Silverstone. The spectre of Max Verstappen looms large in fourth.

LIVE British GP 2024: Latest news and updates

Stay tuned to Total-Motorsport.com for all the live action from the 2024 British GP with Mercedes locking out the front row at Silverstone for Sunday’s race.

Over and out

Well, that’s it for our live coverage of British GP but don’t go anywhere, because we’ll have tonnes of reaction and analysis coming up after an all-time classic race at Silverstone! Stay tuned on Total-Motorsport.com over the coming hours and days, but for now thanks very much for joining us – hopefully you enjoyed it as much as we did.

Report: Hamilton outsmart Verstappen for history

Wow wow wow, what a race! We’ve heard from the top three and we’re awaiting the podium celebrations, which should be one hell of a scene. But in the meantime, why not relive the action with Joe Krishnan’s fabulous report?

Lewis Hamilton at the 2024 British GP | Mercedes
Lewis Hamilton at the 2024 British GP | Mercedes

From the man himself

And the quotes you’ve been waiting for:

“Since 2021, every day I’m getting up and fighting to train to put my mind to the task and work as hard as I can with this amazing team.

“This is my last race here at the British Grand Prix with this team. I wanted to win this so much for them because I love them and appreciate them so much.

“All the hard work they put in over these years. I’m forever grateful to everyone at Mercedes and all our partners. And to all our incredible fans. I could see you lap by lap.

“There’s no greater feeling to finish at the front here.”

Verstappen: We just didn’t have the pace today

Red Bull and Verstappen finished just 1.4 seconds behind Hamilton at the death, nailing both tyre calls better than any other driver. Here’s what he had to say afterwards:

“We just didn’t have the pace today. I was slowly dropping back when it mattered in the beginning so it didn’t look great at some point. I was thinking ‘are we going to finish fifth, sixth?’ But we made the right calls, going from the slicks to the inters and also from the inters back from the slicks. It was every time the right lap.

“Also in the end the call from the team to be on the hard tyre rather than the soft was definitely helping me out, that’s why we also finished second today.

“It could have been a lot worse.”

Norris: I hate this

It’s the fourth time Norris has been in contention for the win since his maiden victory in Miami, but once he again he must settle for a lower rung on the podium.

“First of all, congrats to Lewis. That crucial decision at the end, he did a better job on. Hats off to him and Mercedes.

“It was tough. It was enjoyable and fun battling these guys. As a team I don’t think we did the job we could have done.

“At the same time, I blame myself. I hate ending in this position. I’m still happy. I will still enjoy it.

“I would love for everything to go perfectly but it didn’t today.”

Wolff: We will prevail, we never give up

We’re listening to the top three now as they speak to Jenson Button, but this is Toto Wolff’s message to Lewis Hamilton over team radio:

“Lewis, we will prevail. We never give up. And what a sign for our joy and trajectory here on the British Grand Prix. We couldn’t have wished for anything better.”

Toto Wolff’s to Lewis Hamilton on team radio

2024 British GP race results

Understandably we focussed on the battle at the front here, but how did the rest of the race pan out? Find out here:

Alexander Albon at the 2024 British Grand Prix | Williams
Alexander Albon at the 2024 British Grand Prix | Williams

Hamilton is crying

You’d have to be the most miserable fan in the world to not get moved by this. Hamilton appears to be tearing up inside his helmet as he hugs his father, the man who’s lived the journey more viscerally than anyone else.

Finally the helmet is off, and Hamilton heads straight across the track to salute the granstand.

Moment to savour

This is a scene that all 160,000 of the Silverstone crowd will remember forever. Hamilton stops to grab a union jack and salutes the fans, and there’s a lovely moment as Russell is the first to congratulate Hamilton in the winners’ enclosure.


With Bono not set to follow Hamilton to Ferrari, some had feared we’d already heard our last ‘GET IN THERE LEWIS’ over the airwaves.

But that’s not the case, as Hamilton appears choked up over the radio.


He’s a grand prix winner once again!!!

Lap 52/52: LAST LAP!!

It’s 18 corners between Hamilton and victory…

Lap 51/52: Two to go

56 races, 945 days since Hamilton last took victory, but he’s on course for a record-breaking ninth British GP win now. No driver will have held more dominance over an event.

Lap 50/52: In the bag?

Really hope that doesn’t jinx it! But Hamilton is holding the three-second advantage over Verstappen and laps an RB without issue. It would take a miracle to deny him now, surely.

Lap 48/52: Verstappen takes second!

It’s a fastest lap for Verstappen as he returns the favour on Norris on the Hanger Straight from earlier in the race.

But it’s not over yet – Hamilton has matched the Dutchman in the last few laps and holds a 3.2-second lead as he’s about to start the fourth-to-last lap.

Lap 48/52: Norris v Verstappen

Can’t take your eyes off this one! Verstappen has DRS up the Wellington Straight and doesn’t attempt a move into Copse, but Norris may well be a sitting duck at Stowe.

Lap 47/52: Tyres are gone?

Norris is really struggling here. Hamilton’s keeping the same gap to Verstappen but Norris may have pushed too hard too early on the soft rubber and is barely out of DRS range.

Lap 46/52: Can’t call it!

This couldn’t be any more finely poised could it? Around two seconds separate each driver in the top three… Or it did, but a poor lap 45 from Norris has the Dutchman hot on his heals.

Lap 44/52: Damage for front two?

Verstappen’s been told Hamilton and Norris have damage on their front-left tyres, he’s just 2.2 seconds behind the McLaren right now.

Lap 42/52: Three-way battle

This should be a battle royale in the final 10 laps. That Norris call to take the softs over the mediums may cost him, though Verstappen’s just set the fastest lap on hard tyres. When was the last bad British GP? Silverstone always delivers!

Lap 41/52: 2.5-second gap

Norris is onto the softs, and Hamilton has told his team to leave him alone on team radio. Verstappen is almost three seconds behind, while Piastri is the fastest man in Silverstone right now but his deficit is in double-digits.


It’s the extra lap that cost Norris, though his 4.5-second stop probably didn’t help either!! Hamilton swooped into the lead on the Hamilton straight, the McLaren man must be fuming.

Lap 39/52: Verstappen and Hamilton pit!

And Piastri follows them in, Norris and Sainz have stayed out an extra lap. Hamilton is onto the soft tyres and Verstappen on the hards, our leader has been held up behind Haas too.

Lap 38/52: Crossover point?

We must be close. With 15 laps to go a set of softs could well do the trick… And we have our first guinea pigs! Magnussen and Ricciardo are IN!

Lap 37/52: Summer has arrived!

The sun is out and Hamilton is hunting Norris down ruthlessly. He made up almost half a second in just one lap last time around, but Mercedes don’t have a set of mediums available for their man.

Lap 35/52: Vertstappen bailed out

Kevin Magnussen had a browning moment on the exit of Stowe but somehow managed to keep his Haas pointing the right way – and on the edge of the points thanks to Russell’s retirement. He just got the power down too quickly and almost spun but cat-like reactions prevented a disaster at the pit entrance.

Lap 34/52: Russell is OUT

From pole to DNF, it’s a heartbreaking finish for Russell who looks disconsolate as he pops his visor. Mercedes tell us it’s a suspected water system issue.

Lap 32/52: What else is going on?

We’ve understandably been focussing on the top six, but Aston Martin are having one of their best races of the season and on course for a double-points finish right now. It’s been an absolute blinder for Nico Hulkenberg in seventh, with his teammate and the Williams chasing Tsunoda for the final point.

Leclerc and Perez are having a nightmare in 16th and 17th, with the leaders complaining the intermediate tyres are disintegrating rapidly.

Lap 31/52: Whatever next?

Phwoah, this is proper racing. For once, driver skill takes precedence over strength of machinery and so far Hamilton is gaining on Norris, Russell likewise chasing Verstappen which looks like it could be the next overtake.

Lap 29/52: Hammertime?

Bono thinks so, he’s called on Hamilton to unleash his best chasing down Norris:

  1. Norris
  2. Hamilton +3.2
  3. Verstappen +4.6
  4. Russell +2.8
  5. Sainz +3.5
  6. Piastri +5.0

The Australian was left out for one lap too long, though could’ve avoided that by backing off Norris a few laps earlier.

Lap 28/52: As you were

Red Bull may have hamstrung Perez but they’ve nailed it with Verstappen, he’s jumped Russell in the pits who was the second Mercedes in the double-stack and suffered a 3.3-second stop. Norris stayed ahead of Hamilton and gained three-tenths.

Lap 27/52: 3 BRITS PIT!!

Piastri stays out and takes the lead though…

Lap 27/52: Piastri for the lead?

Verstappen is called into the pits, but there may well be a new leader when he emerges! Piastri closed nearly a second to Norris on lap 26 but will need to take the lead without DRS as that’s just been disabled.

Lap 26/52: Disaster for Perez & Leclerc

This is truly miserable for these two, who’ve been lapped by their teammates as Red Bull and Ferrari persist on the inters despite having lost a pitstop in the space of four laps.

Lap 25/52: More rain

Sargeant swings past Magnsusen for 13th, five places ahead of Sergio Perez who’s being lapped by the leaders. His inters may suit the new rain in the air but it will make nowhere near enough difference.

Lap 23/52: And breathe

Unluckily for those drivers who have pitted, the rain has passed, for now. There’s a second shower expected later but for now, this is the top six:

  1. Lando Norris
  2. Oscar Piastri +1.9
  3. Lewis Hamilton +1.0
  4. George Russell +1.9
  5. Max Verstappen +3.6
  6. Carlos Sainz +1.5

Lap 21/52: Time for inters?

Sainz is bearing down on Verstappen now, Red Bull and Mercedes can’t handle the rain right now. Leclerc, Perez, Ocon and Zhou are all on intermediates but Hamilton won’t follow suit:

“Nope. It’s dry in a lot of places.”

Hamilton team radio

Lap 20/52: NORRIS LEADS! Issue for Hamilton?

Norris blasted past his compatriot on the pit straight and INTO THE LEAD!! Hamilton’s Mercedes seems incredibly slow but he’s stayed ahead of Russell for now, at the expense of his teammate as Piastri gets past… THEN TAKES HAMILTON FOR SECOND!

Lap 19/52: Norris into second

What is going on?!? Both Mercedes ran well wide at turn one and rejoined without incident, but Russell was a sitting duck for Norris to take. He’s dropped from first to third in two sectors with drivers tiptoeing in the wet.


It’s Brit on Brit but still draws a HUUUUGE cheers from the crowd as Hamilton overtakes into Stowe!

Lap 18/52: Deja vu?

It was an identical overtake for Piastri into Stowe! He struggled a bit more on exit though, while up front Hamilton is now right on the tail of Russell!!

Lap 17/52: Piastri on Verstappen?

McLaren have the bit between their teeth don’t they? Piastri is now within DRS range, raindrops are still falling but nowhere near enough to require intermediates.

Lap 15/52: Norris overtakes Verstappen!

The fans love that! Norris nailed his line through Maggots and Becketts, and the overtake was almost a formality on Hanger Straight, with Verstappen hugging the outside line and almost allowing Norris through, who immediately breaks out of DRS range.

Lap 15/52: Here comes the rain!

Norris has been biding his time but has now decided this is the moment to attack Verstappen… As the rain finally hits Silverstone!!!

Lap 14/52: Leclerc creates a Ferrari headache?

The Ferrari pair have enjoyed some properly fiesty moments this season and we could be in for another installment as Leclerc finally passes Stroll for seventh.

Lap 13/52: First pit stop!

Zhou has ditched his soft tyres, so will be absolutely screwed if significant rain does hit. He’s onto the mediums, it would be a hell of a shift to get to the end on those tyres but if it’s a wet race he won’t have to.

Lap 12/52: Is Piastri quicker?

He’s been glued to Norris’ rear wing, the smallest gap in the top five but McLaren aren’t planning to switch the pair. Norris has just been told they’re planning to ‘keep it simple’ if rain does hit.

“I think we’re just managing right now, a double-shuffle would be difficult if they have to stop at the same time”

McLaren CEO Zak Brown speaking to Sky Sports F1

Lap 10/52: Tight at the top

There’s a gap of 1.5 seconds between Russell and Hamilton, then 2.5 to Verstappen, 1.3 to Norris and 0.9 splitting the McLarens.

Lap 9/52: Perez’s progress

He started on the hard tyres and is up to 16th, having passed Bottas plus Zhou and Ocon who are both on the softs

Lap 6/52: State of play

Russell has pulled a gap to Hamilton, who’s also comfortably ahead of Verstappen for now. Norris is the rider hunting an overtake for now, but is agonisingly just over a second behind the Dutchman as Leclerc chases Stroll.

Lap 4/52: Rain on the way?

Rainclouds are hovering over Stowe and drivers are being warned to expect a small shower imminently. Albon lost some bodywork at the first chicane, Hulkenberg ran wide then forced Alonso to slam on the brakes.

Lap 3/52: Running order

1. Russell, 2. Hamilton, 3. Verstappen, 4. Norris, 5. Piastri, 6. Sainz, 7. Stroll, 8. Leclerc, 9. Hulkenberg, 10. Alonso, 11. Tsunoda, 12. Albon, 13. Sargeant, 14. Zhou, 15. Ricciardo, 16. Ocon, 17. Magnussen, 18. Bottas, 19. Perez, OUT – Gasly

Lap 2/52: Not over yet

Russell leads Hamilton by eight-tenths and Hamilton enjoys a similar advantage over Verstappen, but he’s at the mercy of Norris! Already the McLaren has found some grip and is gunning for that podium place.


They’re three-wide into the first chicane and Verstappen’s jumped Norris! The Mercedes still lead though.

Pierre Gasly OUT

He dives into the pitlane at the end of the formation lap, Alpine have told us they’re retiring him due to a suspected gearbox issue.

Formation lap underway

Pirelli predicted a soft-medium or soft-hard strategy would be the quickest but only Zhou and Ocon are starting on the fastest rubber, every other driver is on medium tyres.

2024 British GP starting tyre compounds | Pirelli

Moments away

There’s 52 more laps to go in the first half of the 2024 season, and they promise to be 52 of the best of the season. The celebrities are off the grid and we’re just about to get underway on the formation lap, and it truly feels like anything could happen from lights-out.

Clouds gather

The blue skies and sun from earlier have been replaced by ominous dark clouds threatening rain with just a few minutes to go until lights out. The track is dry according to drivers, but it will be a surprise if it stays that way until the chequered flag.

Up for the fight

Verstappen told Sky Sports F1 that he expects a tight battle, but stopped short of revealing whether he thinks Red Bull will be the fastest team.

Russell looks remarkably relaxed ahead of starting from his first pole position on home soil, this could be an all-time classic.

George Russell celebrated pole position at the 2024 British GP | Mercedes
George Russell celebrated pole position at the 2024 British GP | Mercedes

15 minutes to go

And that means it’s national anthem time! Hannah Waddingham is up this time…

History Boys

The last time three home drivers finished on the podium of a British GP was 1965; Jim Clark, Graham Hill and John Surtees if you were wondering.

But that’s not the only long barren spell – Hamilton hasn’t got onto the top step of an F1 podium in almost 1000 days and his monstrous 68-second victory in 2008 was the last time McLaren tasted victory at Silverstone.

Sneak preview

The F1 movie, inventively titled ‘F1’, has released its first trailer. The start seems incredibly shonky but the live-action scenes, many of which were shot on-track, could look incredible on the big screen.

And if you look really closely in the background of some shots you may even spot a friendly Total Motorsport journalist…

T-30 minutes

It’s half an hour to go until lights out, and we should be treated to an absolute cracker. All the ingredients are there – the best track in F1, rain in the air (Sainz has just been informed over team radio that Ferrari expect a shower to potentially hit an hour into the race) and almost all the stars of the sport at the front of the grid ready to battle it out!

Track conditions

Russell and Leclerc have both reported the track feels drier than expected, but our polesitter still isn’t comfortable:

“There’s no standing water whatsoever but the track feels very slippery, quite strange.”

George Russell’s team radio on his installation lap

How they line up

It’s an all-star top five led by Russell:

  1. George Russell – Mercedes
  2. Lewis Hamilton – Mercedes
  3. Lando Norris – McLaren
  4. Max Verstappen – Red Bull
  5. Oscar Piastri – McLaren

Nico Hulkenberg is sixth, precipitating a Ferrari-Aston-Williams-Aston-Ferrari palindrome led by Carlos Sainz, Fernando Alonso and ‘home’ driver Alex Albon.

Mercedes are the outsiders?

It’s their first front-row lockout since the 2022 Brazilian GP, but the bookies have Max Verstappen and Lando Norris as joint favourites at 9/4, ahead of both Silver Arrows at around 5/1.

British summertime?

It’s dry at Silverstone right now but the chance of rain in the grand prix is still over 50%, on a boiling day by British standards with highs of 18 degrees Celsius.

Stars align

There’ll be plenty more stargazing today with Silverstone one of the more popular destinations for celebrity F1 fans…

It’s coming home?

If success breeds success, F1’s English contingent should be well on form today…

Good afternoon and welcome

It’s all happening in the British sporting world right now, isn’t it? England’s footballers routinely win penalty shootouts now apparently and Mark Cavendish because the greatest stage winner in the history of the Tour de France, and that’s without mentioning a change of government.

So today’s British GP has a lot to live up to, but luckily it’s already delivered in qualifying as a scintillating session produced a shock elimination for Charles Leclerc, a Q1 exit for Sergio Perez and a British 1-2-3 followed by Max Verstappen and Lando Norris. Now there’s just the small matter of the race…

British GP tyre strategy

Pirelli are putting eggs in the on-stop basket which removes many of the variables at play in Austria. If the teams are as close as predicted then there’s a very real chance that even a lap’s difference in pitstops could leave a driver disappointed and off the British GP podium.

Tyre strategies for the 2024 British GP | Pirelli
Tyre strategies for the 2024 British GP | Pirelli

Where to Watch the F1 2024 British GP

Sky Sports F1 is the the home for live Formula 1 racing in the UK. The channel will provide comprehensive coverage of the 2024 British GP, including practice, qualifying, and the race itself. Meanwhile, F1 fans in the USA can catch all the action from Silverstone across ESPN.

Adam Dickinson
Adam Dickinson
An international multi-award-winning journalist, Adam Dickinson has written for Total-Motorsport.com since June 2022 and also contributes to TNT Sports, Eurosport and the Rugby Paper. He's also had articles published in the Daily Telegraph and several local newspapers, previously worked for Last-Lap.co.uk and FeederSeries.net in motorsport, and graduated with a First-Class Journalism Degree from the University of Sheffield having also studied in Oklahoma. Adam started watching F1 by accident in 2007, catching the last race in Indianapolis, and attended his first race as a journalist at the 2023 British Grand Prix.
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