F1 LIVE: British GP Qualifying 2024 – Russell leads stunning British 1-2-3

Follow all the F1 action on the Total Motorsport live blog as teams and drivers take to Silverstone for Qualifying at the 2024 British Grand Prix


Welcome to Total-Motorsport’s live F1 coverage of the 2024 British GP Qualifying session. Held at the iconic Silverstone Circuit, as we reach the midpoint of an exciting Formula 1 season, so stay with us as we bring you real-time updates and insights from the track.

The British Grand Prix, along with the Italian Grand Prix, is one of only two permanent fixtures on the Formula 1 calendar. This year marks the 75th British Grand Prix and the 58th race held at Silverstone, which also celebrated the championship’s 70th anniversary with an additional round in 2020. 

Established in 1942 as a Royal Air Force airfield, Silverstone has hosted Formula 1 races since 1950, where Nino Farina claimed the inaugural victory driving an Alfa Romeo. The track spans 5.861 kilometres, making it the fifth longest on the calendar, and is renowned for its challenging corners like Maggotts, Becketts, and Chapel, which impose substantial lateral forces exceeding 5G.

Historically, Ferrari are the most successful team at the British Grand Prix, boasting 18 wins, 16 pole positions, 20 fastest laps, and 59 podium finishes. McLaren and Williams follow with 14 and 10 victories, respectively. Among drivers, Lewis Hamilton leads with eight wins at his home race, seven pole positions, and 13 podium finishes

LIVE British GP Qualifying 2024: Latest updates

Stay tuned to Total-Motorsport.com for all the live action from the 2024 British GP with the Qualifying session at Silverstone as set the grid for Sunday’s race.

REPORT – Russell beats Hamilton to pole

And you can relive that scintillating session by reading Joe Krishnan’s report right now! And stay tuned on Total-Motorsport.com for all the reaction and analysis ahead of what promises to be an all-time classic British GP.

George Russell at the 2024 British GP | Mercedes
George Russell at the 2024 British GP | Mercedes

British GP Qualifying results

Find out the full results list here.

George Russell at the 2024 British GP | Mercedes
George Russell at the 2024 British GP | Mercedes

Russell elated with pole:

It’s a third career pole position for Russell, and his first at Silverstone:

“What a feeling! At the start of this year we couldn’t have dreamt of being on pole here.

“One-two for me and Lewis, Lando P3. Just mega. It’s down to all these fans as well. They give us so much energy.

“The car at the moment is feeling so good. It really came alive in qualy. What a joy to drive around this circuit.

“We are riding this wave at the moment. Absolutely buzzing. But eyes on tomorrow. We have a race to win.

“It will be tight with Lando and Max will be fast as well. I’m so excited right now.”

Hamilton – I had more to give:

He held provisional pole for a couple of seconds, but Hamilton missed out on his eighth qualifying success at Silverstone:

“First off, a big, big thanks to this incredible crowd. I’m so proud to be here with three Brits in the top three is incredible. A huge congratulations to George – he did such a great job.

“We definitely didn’t expect to be front row this weekend but this is huge for us, for our team. The car felt fantastic out there.

“So everyone in the garage, all our team that have come here really deserve this.

“The car felt great it was just about getting the tyre temperatures at the right place and sealing the deal when you had the time on track. I think I was able to do that. I think ultimately there was still time left on the table, which George was able to find. 

“I feel really confident about the car tomorrow and I think with the conditions we have, we can work together to keep Lando behind.” 

Norris satisfied with third:

He’d been tipped for pole position after topping both session on Friday practice but was outclassed by Mercedes at the death:

“I’m happy with P3. Three Brits lock out the top three, so pretty cool.

“Good laps from George and Lewis. They did an excellent job. A little mistake on my part at the end but P3 was still good.

“It’s meant to rain again tomorrow, so I’m excited. It’s going to be a good race. I can bring the fight to George and Lewis tomorrow.

“I hope we have some good battles, so I look forward to it.”

British GP provisional grid:

  1. George Russell – 1:25.819
  2. Lewis Hamilton +0.171
  3. Lando Norris +0.211
  4. Max Verstappen +0.384
  5. Oscar Piastri +0.418
  6. Nico Hulkenberg +0.519
  7. Carlos Sainz +0.690
  8. Lance Stroll +0.766
  9. Alex Albon +0.821
  10. Fernando Alonso +1.098

11. Lerclerc, 12. Sargeant, 13. Tsunoda, 14. Zhou, 15. Ricciardo, 16. Bottas, 17. Magnussen, 18. Ocon, 19. Perez, 20. Gasly

British 1-2-3

It seemed a surprisingly anti-climactic finish to the session as Verstappen barely improved and Norris bailed, but the Mercedes didn’t get that message, it’s a 1-2 for the Silver Arrows!


He beat his teammate by almost two-tenths to take his maiden Silverstone pole!


But Russell’s still to go…

Q3 – 1 min to go: No improvements

Except Hulkenberg! Will Russell’s time be enough?

Q3 – 3 mins to go: How they stand

Anyone can take it from the top four – though Verstappen does appear a tad off the pace with that damage:

  1. Russell 1:26.024
  2. Norris +0.006
  3. Hamilton +0.172
  4. Piastri +0.213
  5. Verstappen +0.326
  6. Hulkenberg +0.377
  7. Sainz +0.485
  8. Stroll +0.774
  9. Alonso +0.893
  10. Albon +0.984

Q3 – 6 mins to go: Too close to call

It’s Russell-Norris-Hamilton-Piastri-Verstappen in the top five for now, the gap from first to fourth is two-tenths, but just 0.006 seconds separate first and second!

Q3 – 10 mins to go: Who wants it?

This should be a bit more straightforward – two laps from all the contenders with Verstappen, McLaren and Mercedes the favourites and Aston Martin capable of springing a surprise.

Q3 green flag

This should be a phenomenal 12 minutes of F1 action, and looks like it will take place in the dry too.

Q2 chaos

It’s the obligatory Albon beating Sargeant, as Q2 will begin in a couple of minutes at 15:57 local time. Red Bull still look concerned with Verstappen’s damaged floor and Norris isn’t happy with Hamilton as the jockeying ahead of starting the final almost boiled over. His team boss isn’t convinced though:

“Just pointing out some little activity on track but I don’t think it’ll come to anything.”

Zak Brown speaking to Sky Sports

Q2 chequered flag

Charles Leclerc is OUT!! Lance Stroll pushed him into 11th, as Verstappen also needed a late improvement to survive but made time up in the final sector.

10. Stroll +0.379 to leader

11. Leclerc +0.538

12. Sargeant +0.616

13. Tsunode +0.710

14. Zhou +1.308

15. Ricciardo +1.559

Q2 – 2 mins to go: Last one wins

The running order is pretty chaotic with drivers on different run schedules but with a British top three right now, it could well be that the last driver to start their final lap has the best chance of surviving.

Q2 – 3 mins to go: Hulkenpole?

He’s first, but surely not for long. The track is drying, there’s plenty of time to be had and Russell finally looks more comfortable in the W15.

Q2 – 5 mins to go: Impossible to call

This is a right old jumble. Both Williams look good for Q3 if they can perform on their final laps, as Piastri launches himself to P1 by two-tenths from Sainz. There could be a good chunk of improvements possible though…

Q2 – 8 mins to go: Leclerc at risk

Russell’s pace has evaporated right now. His first lap was nowhere and his second only puts him ninth. Stroll, Leclerc, Zhou and the RBs are in the bottom five.

Q2 – 10 mins to go: Norris to the top

Bit of a quieter spell as drivers set their early efforts without incident Sainz in second has been sandwiched by McLaren, Verstappen is sixth and Hamilton ninth.

Q2 green light

We’re underway once more with 15 minutes in this session, DRS has been enabled as that brief shower has passed.

Trouble for Verstappen?

The Dutchman hasn’t escaped scot-free from his trip through the gravel, with clear damage to his floor, and Ocon appeared to be questioning whether he crossed the line before the chequered flag and could’ve had a final push-lap.

Lance Stroll is under investigation for passing a red light at the end of the pitlane but it changed from green a matter of moments before he passed it – and unlike the usual traffic lights there’s no amber warning! Meanwhile McLaren CEO Zak Brown hinted at an innovative technique to predict the weather:

“We’ve got some people in the air and some pretty good radar”

Zak Brown speaking to Sky Sports

Q1 classification:

Q1 chequered flag

That was one of the best qualifying segments of the year! It had just about everything, including squeaky bum time for Lando Norris who pitted rather than attempting a final improvement. He just about survives though, in 13th. Here’s how they finished:

15. Hulkenberg 1:31.929

16. Bottas +0.502

17. Magnussen +0.976

18. Ocon +2.628

19. Perez +6.419

20. Gasly +7.875

Q1 – 1 min to go: Bottom five

Everyone is improving, as the rain appears to be abate!

Tsunoda, Gasly and both Williams join Perez in the elimination zone for now.

Q1 – 2 mins to go: Max Verstappen off!!

He was into the gravel at Copse but manages to avoid getting beached like his teammate. Both Aston Martins are under investigation for a pitlane infringement and Sainz has been told he needs to nail this lap.

It’s deja vu for Verstappen, he made the same mistake as Perez but didn’t spin and was rescued by the service road at the edge of the barriers, he’s in danger now.

“F*****g rain”

Verstappen team radio

Q1 – 4 mins to go: Bottas quickest

They can improve! Rain is falling but it’s not dampened the track yet and Bottas has just gone almost five seconds quicker than Hamilton’s pre-red flag best.

Q1 – 7 mins to go: Green light

The umbrellas are going up in the grandstands and DRS has been disabled! Sauber and Haas are the first teams in the queue, Perez is the only driver who doesn’t have the chance to improve but his 1:38.352 may still be enough to see him into Q2.

Traffic jam

This has thrown the whole session into chaos! Raindrops are starting to spit on Silverstone, the session will resume at 15:19 GMT (a couple of minutes time) and these are the drivers who MUST improve:

15. Ocon 1:39.078

16. Bottas +0.640

17. Gasly +0.728

18. Sargeant +0.788

19. Ricciardo +1.521

20. Hulkenberg – No Time

Can I have a push?

Perez is imploring the marshalls to push him back onto the tarmac but they’re forcing him to get out of the car – he couldn’t continue with outside help anyway. It’s yet another embarrassment for the embattled driver that Red Bull rewarded with a contract extension after his failure in Monaco.

How much more can they take?

Q1 – 8 mins to go: RED FLAG!!

SERGIO PEREZ IS OUT OF QUALIFYING!!! There was a yellow flag in sector 2 and who else but Perez has lost control on the damp track with soft tyres and ended up in the gravel.

He’s 10th in the timesheets for now so there’s actually a chance he could make Q2 but his RB20 isn’t going anywhere fast unless there’s a crane involved.

Q1 – 10 mins to go: Time for slicks?!?

Charles Leclerc is onto dry tyres! Hamilton’s top time is 1:37.314 right now, Bottas follows the Ferrari into the pitlane but predictably Sauber’s decisiveness is undone at the tyre change with a slow switch.

Q1 – 13 mins to go: Verstappen top early

The entire field is still on the intermediate tyres, apart from Haas who are still in the garages. Max Verstappen has beaten the two Mercedes by a quarter of the tenth right now but Lando Norris has just crossed the line 0.089 seconds slower. Gasly, Sargeant and Ricciardo are in the elimination zone too.

Q1 – 16 mins to go: dry line appearing

Everyone’s out on the inters right now but we will get some slick times at least in this session with a dry line already appearing after just a couple of laps.

Q1 green light and we are Go Go Go!!!

Drivers have 18 minutes plus a lap to avoid elimination as one of the bottom five slowest, and Sargeant is first out, heading towards some very ominously grey clouds on the Wellington Straight.

You’re a record-breaker

Lewis Hamilton is gunning for a record-breaking ninth British GP win this weekend, currently tied with Michael Schumacher’s eight French GP victories and his own octo-success at Hungary.

He can’t make history today though – he holds the same record for pole position with 9 at the Hungaroring and also sits joint-second, joint-third and joint-fourth. If he’s fastest today he’ll only move onto a paltry eight poles at Silverstone – rookie numbers really.

T-10 minutes

It’s not long now until we get underway at Silverstone! After the drama of Austria, this weekend could’ve done with being a sprint really – those three hours of practice have been a bit of a drag to get through especially when we know how exciting the competitive action on track should be.

Odds on

Max Verstappen remains the favourite for qualifying at 9/4, ahead of Lando Norris (11/4) and the two Silver Arrows at around 6/1 each.

Interestingly though, the Mercedes and Red Bull are tied with the bookies as the most likely team to take pole position, not far ahead of McLaren while Ferrari are a very distant third at 18/1.

Sun? In Britain?

The sun’s made an appearance! It may come as a surprise to drivers and teams but that will help dry the track after the rainstorm earlier.

Sargeant on the clock?

That victorious raindance by Kimi Antonelli won’t ease any pressure on Logan Sargeant though. He outqualified Alex Albon in the sprint race in Austria but is still yet to beat his teammate in grand prix qualifying, and Williams boss James Vowles has indicated they won’t be opposed to a a mid-season switch.

Rain check

It’s been a wet old weekend for the fans at Silverstone so far, which led to a stonking F2 race earlier, but the tri-county skies appear to have cleared at least for now and we seem set to begin on a dry track.

Hello and welcome

Good afternoon one and all, and welcome to the British GP weekend beginning in earnest! After yesterday saw the start of a new dawn in Britain, the F1 world is potentially seeing the return of an old autocrat as Mercedes led FP3 1-2 buoyed by George Russell’s victory at the Red Bull Ring six days ago.

However, they’ve had plenty of false dawns over the past few years and this could well be another. Meanwhile McLaren haven’t won at Silverstone since Lewis Hamilton’s soaking 68-second masterclass in 2008 but were the team to beat in Friday practice.

In half an hour all the talk stops though and qualifying will be underway, so strap in because this could well be a classic.

British GP 2024 Pirelli Tyre Info

Pirelli’s selection of the hardest compounds, the C1, C2, and the C3, underscores the demanding nature of Silverstone. The front axle endures significant strain, especially the left front tyre due to the predominance of right-hand turns. The unpredictable English summer weather adds another layer of complexity, requiring teams to be adaptable to rapidly changing conditions. Last year, a majority of drivers opted for a one-stop strategy, with the Soft compound playing a surprising role.

Tyre choices for the 2024 British GP | Pirelli
Tyre choices for the 2024 British GP | Pirelli

Where to Watch the F1 2024 British GP

Sky Sports F1 is the the home for live Formula 1 racing in the UK. The channel will provide comprehensive coverage of the 2024 British GP, including practice, qualifying, and the race itself. Meanwhile, F1 fans in the USA can catch all the action from Silverstone across ESPN.

Adam Dickinson
Adam Dickinson
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