F1 Monaco GP 2024 : Free Practice 2 – Highlights and updates from Monte Carlo

Neither Red Bull, Ferrari or McLaren topped FP1 as Lewis Hamilton stood above the rest in the first practice session, so will the big three get back on form in FP2?


Good afternoon and welcome to Total-Motorsport’s coverage of Free Practice 2 at the 2024 Monaco Grand Prix. This year marks a significant milestone for the Monaco GP, celebrating its 70th edition as part of the Formula 1 Drivers’ World Championship. The rich history of this event only adds to the prestige and allure of racing on the iconic streets of Monte Carlo.

In Monaco, the F1 cars face some of the lowest forces of the season due to the slow average speed over the 3.337-kilometre track and corners taken at less than 50 km/h, with cars at full throttle for only 30% of the lap. The 19 corners of the Circuit de Monaco require precision and skill, with drivers aiming to get as close to the barriers as possible without damaging the car.

This season has already shown how close the competition can be, with grid positions often decided by mere thousandths of a second and FP1 continued in that form as Lewis Hamilton topped the session by just 0.029s from Oscar Piastri’s McLaren.

This weekend’s race is set against the backdrop of numerous commemorations for the 30th anniversary of Ayrton Senna‘s passing, a legend who left an indelible mark on the Monaco Grand Prix. So stay tuned to Total-Motorsport.com for all the live action from the 2024 Monaco GP with this crucial practice session at the historic Circuit de Monaco.

Monaco GP 2024 FP2: News and Updates

CHEQUERED FLAG: Leclerc on top as Red Bull go MIA

Red Bull are absolutely nowhere at Monaco right now as Max Verstappen’s quickest time on the soft tyres was an astonishing half a second off the pace of Charles Leclerc’s 1:11.278 and three tenths off Lewis Hamilton in second…

Speaking of Leclerc, this race seems in the bag for him as long as Ferrari continue to make natural progressions. He’s dominated both Free Practice sessions and seems to be in a very good groove, although a handful of mistakes are creeping in.

So far, Red Bull could be the fifth fastest car behind Ferrari, Mercedes, McLaren and Aston Martin. What a disastrous weekend that would be for the defending champions! We will see if they can fix things overnight ahead of FP3 tomorrow.

This is a beautiful venue for F1

Hopefully Formula 1 can find out how to make overtaking possible because Monaco really does deserve to stay on the calendar.

10 minutes to go: Leclerc reigns supreme

Charles Leclerc’s 1:11.278 remains untouchable so far and with drivers booting the mediums back on, it seems like it’s going to stay that way until the chequered flag falls on FP2 this Friday.

He leads Lewis Hamilton by 0.188, Fernando Alonso by 0.475 and Max Verstappen by 0.535 as he appears to have this weekend in the bag based on FP1 and FP2.

This is a golden opportunity for Ferrari to win!

Here are some of the near misses from FP2 so far…

14 minutes to go: Leclerc has a moment

Charles Leclerc’s starting to have a few mistakes creep into his driving now as he starts to find exactly where the limit is around Monte Carlo and he goes straight on at Turn 1 this time before reversing back out of the escape road.

He’s still fastest overall and leads Lewis Hamilton by 0.188 tenths.

17 minutes to go: Tsunoda makes Verstappen very angry

Max Verstappen, on a hot lap, comes across Yuki Tsunoda at exactly the wrong moment and the RB isn’t keen to skip out of the way either.

That means that when he does eventually get out of the way, Verstappen pulls alongside to point to the sky with a few of his fingers aimed in the direction of the Japanese driver.

20 minutes to go: Leclerc still untouchable in Monaco

Charles Leclerc still leads the way around his home circuit and it’s still Lewis Hamilton occupying second place as the Mercedes seems rapid in the hands of the seven-time world champion.

Then comes Fernando Alonso before we finally get to Max Verstappen, who’s half a second off the pace with absolutely nothing to offer. He’s closer to Williams than Ferrari at the moment.

24 minutes to go: Piastri is pushing his luck around Monte Carlo

27 minutes to go: The mistakes of the weekend from Leclerc…

We’re now going faster than the pole position time for the 2023 Monaco Grand Prix and officially into new territory for pushing these cars around the second oldest circuit on the F1 calender and Charles Leclerc makes two mistakes.

His first one is into the hairpin when he loses the rear of his car before he loses it again two corners later. He had set a purple Sector 1 on that run as he continues to lead the times.

30 minutes to go: Hello, hello Fernando Alonso…

Charles Leclerc continues to dominate FP2 as he’s half a second clear of Max Verstappen but welcome to the party Fernando Alonso!

The Aston Martin driver, who should have won last year, slots into second ahead of Verstappen’s Red Bull.

Speaking of the defending world champion, he pits after hitting the wall with his front-left and he’s quickly wheeled into the garage…

33 minutes to go: Perez SLAMS Red Bull

Sergio Perez is the latest Red Bull driver to complain about the bouncing on his car, akin to Max Verstappen as he fumes about the impact it’s having on his visibility and ability to push to the limit.

He’s currently 5th overall.

“The ride is horrendous,” Perez said over the radio. “I cannot see the apex of Turn 3 from the front.”

35 minutes to go: Charles Leclerc is ON IT


40 minutes to go: Leclerc one second clear

This weekend is turning into a dream for the 26-year-old who grew up watching Michael Schumacher’s V10 engine scream around this track as he leads FP1 with a 1:11.573, one second quicker than Lewis Hamilton in second.

Will he emulate the great German by winning his home Grand Prix for the first time after so much heartbreak?

44 minutes to go: Verstappen is the latest to complain

“I’m jumping like a kangaroo,” Verstappen tells Gianpiero Lambiase, his race engineer, before adding that he’s suffering from headaches because of the kerbs and bumps around the Circuit de Monaco.

It’s turning into another long weekend for the defending world champion, despite his wishes to have everything easy, every weekend.

47 minutes to go: Russell angry at his Mercedes

George Russell clips the inside will at the exit of the tunnel as he complains to his engineer about vibrations whilst he tries to brake for Turn 11. He’s currently 6th overall and 1.1 seconds off the pace.

Ted Kravitz tells Sky Sports F1 that the Brit was struggling with the issue back in FP1 too. Concerning for the team.

50 minutes to go: Leclerc leads the field

Charles Leclerc is back to the top of the pile once again with a 1:12.260 as he leads Lewis Hamilton, Lando Norris and Max Verstappen as the Red Bull appears to be struggling for pace once again in the latest Free Practice session.

How will they respond before tomorrow’s qualifying session?

52 minutes to go: Tsunoda and Sargeant hit the wall

The Williams driver is under serious pressure and he almost hits the wall around Monaco, that won’t impress James Vowles.

Yuki Tsunoda also reports hitting the wall, but we don’t know how serious that was. It didn’t stop him on track either way.

55 minutes to go: Perez almost into the wall as Verstappen goes fastest

Max Verstappen seems like he’s finding his groove a little bit more now as he goes fastest overall with a 1:13.775 to momentarily go top of the standings before Charles Leclerc beats him.

Meanwhile, Sergio Perez is inches away from breaking his front-left suspension as he uses all of his experience to know to bail out.

GREEN FLAG: FP2 gets underway with both Mercedes straight onto the track

This could be the most interesting session of the entire season. Are Mercedes really in the fight for pole position in Monaco? How fast are Ferrari truly? Will Red Bull actually show up?

Stay tuned to find out!

Mercedes magic from Lewis Hamilton in Monte Carlo?

Whilst he might have been slightly up on power, Lewis Hamilton stunned onlookers in the Principality by going faster than anyone else in Monaco.

Can Mercedes throw their hat into the fight this weekend? It only takes 70 seconds of magic from a man with 104 poles to transform this weekend for the Silver Arrows…

Red Bull are in trouble… Can they rebound in FP2?

Max Verstappen managed to get close to Charles Leclerc in one lap speed before the Ferrari stepped it up a notch and the Dutchman will be fuming as no matter how close to the walls he gets, it isn’t stopping his Red Bull from acting like a diva.

Will he be beaten for the second time in three races this weekend at the Circuit de Monaco?

Get ready for FP2… Will Charles Leclerc reclaim the top spot after Lewis Hamilton surprised him earlier today?

Monaco GP 2024 Pirelli Tyre Info

Pirelli has selected the C3 as Hard, C4 as Medium, and C5 as Soft. Street circuits like Monaco feature smooth surfaces, demanding maximum grip from tyres. At Monaco, tyres face minimal forces due to the track’s slow average speed and corners taken at under 50 km/h, with cars at full throttle for only 30% of the lap. Despite this, the 78-lap race subjects tyres to frequent stress, especially during traction. Early in the weekend, graining can be problematic. Driver confidence is critical on this error-intolerant track with 19 corners, as qualifying is vital due to the difficulty of overtaking.

Pirelli tyre info for the 2024 Monaco GP
Pirelli tyre info for the 2024 Monaco GP

Where to Watch the F1 2024 Monaco GP

Sky Sports F1 remains the home for live Formula 1 racing in the UK. The channel will provide comprehensive coverage of the Monaco GP, including practice, qualifying, and the race itself. Meanwhile, F1 fans in the USA can catch all the action across ESPN with the race on ABC.

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