Just as it looked like Ferrari and Charles Leclerc had the jump on Max Verstappen in the Red Bull in the 2022 French Grand Prix, Scuderia fans all over the world took in a deep breath as images of Leclerc in the tyre barriers were broadcast all over the world. 

Leclerc appeared to lose the rear of the car at Turn 11, with tyre wear and driver error coming into a play, but once the rear stepped out there was little the Monegasque driver could do. 

On team radio, Leclerc was breathing heavily, but is ok, as the Safety Car was brought out, meaning title rival Verstappen re-took the lead of the French GP. 

Leclerc let out a Darth Vader-esque ‘NOOOO!’ on team radio, with Verstappen possibly ending the race with a 63 point lead in the Driver Standings. 

Leclerc admits mistake

“Mistake, mistake, I’ve been saying,” Leclerc said. “I am performing at the highest level of my career but if I keep the mistakes then it is pointless.

“If we lose the championship by 32 points I will know where they are coming from but it is unacceptable.

“I go through the same process all the time and try to analyse. It is a mistake and that is it. It is trying to push too much and I lost the rear.

“It has been a very difficult weekend for me, I struggled with the balance of the car. I did a mistake at the wrong moment.”