Lando Norris talks up McLaren chances going into 2024

McLaren driver Lando Norris is very confident about a successful 2024 F1 season


Lando Norris has suggested McLaren are in the strongest position they have been in for more than a decade to challenge at the front of the field in Formula 1.

The 2023 campaign has been one of stark contrast for the team from Woking, with them starting the season as one of the slowest teams before regularly fighting Red Bull in the second half.

“I expect some bigger changes than we’ve had over the last year,” Norris told the media. “I feel like we’re in a place now, more than ever, where we can tackle more things at once.

“I think we’re in a much better position where we can focus on some of the finer details, details we’ve not really been able to improve much at all over the last five years and things that I would love to have more of as a driver and I think suit me more as a driver.”

‘Small things can make a big difference’

Lando Norris finishes in second at the 2023 Brazilian GP | McLaren

Norris, who finished sixth in the drivers’ championship, had four consecutive podiums from the 2023 Singapore Grand Prix to the United States GP.

The British driver went on to say the team’s extra ability to tackle the smaller issues would be crucial to reach the very front of the field.

“I think now we’re more capable and everyone is trying to focus on things and improve,” said Norris.

“And maybe that will help with qualifying and race pace. Small things can make a big difference. So if we can work on that, then I’m hoping that we can have a very good time next year.”


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