Lando Norris offers explanation for Las Vegas crash and gives health update

Lando Norris was involved in a huge incident at the 2023 Las Vegas GP


McLaren driver Lando Norris has given an explanation for his 2023 Las Vegas Grand Prix crash for the first time since it happened last weekend.

The McLaren driver span into the wall at high-speed on lap three of the race in Sin City last Saturday evening, with him needing to head to hospital for precautionary checks.

Given the all clear shortly after, Norris is now eyeing a better result in Abu Dhabi, with him giving an explanation for his accident ahead of the final race of the year.

“The obvious [reason] being there’s quite a big bump [at the corner],” Norris said to the press.

“Then cool tyres so therefore lower ride-heights than what you are normally running with. The first time following a lot of cars through all of this, you have a lot less downforce than what you already have.

“And then a couple of other little things in the background that just made this bump have a bigger effect than what it normally would. I think somehow I must have caught it at a worse angle than normal.

“I always knew there was a bump there but just for some reason the effect was a lot bigger than what it had done previously. So just a little bit unlucky at the same time.”

Norris gives health update

Oscar Piastri, and Lando Norris at 2023 Las Vegas GP | McLaren F1 Team

Norris also revealed how he was feeling after the incident given he was taken to hospital as a precautionary measure.

“Honestly, I was never bad, they just wanted to do a lot of check-ups and stuff – kind of the new norm nowadays, it seems,” Norris said.

“But I was fine. Obviously I was winded, that’s probably what you heard on the radio and stuff when I had the impact and it just kind of caught me off guard a little bit, and it happened quite quickly.

“Still a decent impact, but I was fine. I never struggled with anything. I was more just frustrated that I was out of the race in Vegas so early on.”

McLaren have an 11-point advantage over Aston Martin heading into the final race of the F1 season, and will be looking to secure fourth place in the constructors’ standings with a positive result in Abu Dhabi.


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