Lance Stroll explains what caused huge Singapore qualifying crash

Aston Martin driver Lance Stroll had a huge crash in Q1 that caused a red flag during Qualifying for the 2023 Singapore GP


Lance Stroll has said that his scary crash in qualifying for the 2023 Singapore Grand Prix was self-inflicted as he chased lap-time.

The Aston Martin driver was 20th when he crashed, and was aware that he needed to improve on his time as he pushed hard into the final corner of the circuit.

Going wide he took too much of the kerb and his car bottomed out, throwing him head-on into the barriers but thankfully he walked away all safe.

Earlier he said he had encountered traffic disrupting his run plan but took the blame for the crash, that has wrecked his AMR23 which will need a complete makeover in time for the race.

“I started my lap two seconds behind I think it was one of the Alpines,” Stroll said to the media. “Which is really not ideal for kind of aero performance and I was just not really improving my lap time much to get through to Q2.

“So I sent it in the last corner, I tried to make up some time and it’s not really doable. I know why I crashed. I mean, it was just because I wasn’t going fast enough to get through and therefore I tried to really send it.”

Stroll reveals Ricciardo advice

Daniel Ricciardo is currently sitting out of the F1 season after breaking his hand during the Dutch GP weekend, and Stroll is no stranger to that as he broke his wrist during pre-season testing.

The Aston Martin man revealed that he gave some advice to Ricciardo, who used the same doctor for his surgery that saw the Canadian return for the season opener in Bahrain.

“A few weeks ago when he first broke his hand I gave him a heads up about the surgery,” Stroll added.

“I went to see because he was really good, but I haven’t heard back from him since. But I saw him, so I think he’s doing good.”


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