How much is Pierre Gasly worth? Pierre Gasly salary 2023

Find out what Pierre Gasly's net worth is and how much he will earn in the 2023 Formula 1 season


Pierre Gasly took the road less travelled to reach Formula 1, and even then it looked like his career could be over after failing as Max Verstappen‘s teammate in 2019.

However, Gasly‘s bounce back is testament to his grit and determination to recover and still build a successful career for himself.

Gasly‘s since recorded three podiums and a win since his demotion from Red Bull, and after moving to Alpine for 2023 his bank balance reflects the success he’s still enjoyed in F1 despite the setbacks.

How much will Pierre Gasly earn in 2023?

Pierre Gasly and Esteban Ocon ahead of the Azerbaijan GP Z Alpine

For the 2023 Formula 1 season, Gasly is poised to earn $5 million. This figure situates him in the mid-tier of F1 earners, mirroring his consistent performances and the reputation he’s built for himself as an impressive midfield performer.

Somewhat surprisingly, that’s the figure was reportedly on in his last season at AlphaTauri, the sixth F1 season Gasly spent in the Red Bull system.

He’d actually signed a contract to stay in Faenza for 2023, but was able to escape that when Alpine came calling.

That was after Fernando Alonso turned his back on the team in a surprise move – he was said to be earning $20 million at the team – and Oscar Piastri also snubbed Alpine.

But Gasly‘s multi-year deal in Enstone is reportedly much smaller, in line with teammate Esteban Ocon.

His salary probably about matches Gasly‘s current reputation in F1, the only driver earning lower than him who’s clearly better is Piastri and as a rookie that makes sense.

Similarly he’s about equal with Ocon but not shown himself to be on the level of Alonso or George Russell – the only driver earning higher than him that he might take umbrage at is Valtteri Bottas.

How much is Pierre Gasly worth?

Pierre Gasly looks on at the 2023 Austrian Grand Prix | Alpine

Estimates at Gasly‘s net worth vary online, but most are around $30 million. That’s an impressive figure for someone who’s only been in F1 for seven years and has only driven for a front-running team for about six months of that.

His salary at Red Bull reportedly wasn’t that bank-breaking either, but Gasly has managed to build an impressive fortune still aged only 27.

Gasly remained a figurehead of the Red Bull brand in his time racing for AlphaTauri, helping boost his own profile, and headphone company Blomm and Berger have remained with him following his switch to Alpine.

As a French driver on a French team, alongside Ocon, Gasly‘s marketing potential is greater than ever at home and he also lists The Grid driver agency and sunglasses company Hawkers as partner brands.

Gasly also has a home in Normandy – which lost some of its value in 2020 when he returned from the Spanish Grand Prix to find it’d been burgled with several items of both financial and emotional value taken.

He’s also expanded with a property in Milan, and counts Ferrari, Aston Martin, McLaren, Porsche, Mercedes and Audi badges in his car collection.

The valuation of his garage rises well above $1 million, led by a Ferrari 812 worth a third of that figure alone.

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6Sergio Perez$10m2024Red Bull
7Valtteri Bottas$10m2025Alfa Romeo
8George Russell$8m2023Mercedes
9Esteban Ocon$6m2024+Alpine
10Fernando Alonso$5m2024+Aston Martin
11Pierre Gasly$5m2024+Alpine
12Kevin Magnussen$5m2023Haas
13Alex Albon$3m2024+Williams
14Lance Stroll$2mOpenAston Martin
15Nico Hulkenberg$2m2024Haas
16Zhou Guanyu$2m2023Alfa Romeo
17Oscar Piastri$2m2024+McLaren
18Yuki Tsunoda$1m2023+AlphaTauri
19Logan Sargeant$1m2023+Williams
20Daniel RicciardoN/a2023AlphaTauri


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