Haas reveal F1 new livery and big expectations for US GP

Haas have scored just one point in grand prix since the 2023 Miami race


Nico Hulkenberg and Kevin Magnussen both sounded upbeat ahead of the 2023 US Grand Prix, hoping for a big step forward thanks to upgrades they’re bringing their second of three home races this season.

Aside from a shiny new livery, Haas are also bringing a major upgrade including a new floor and sidepods to the Circuit of the Americas, having recorded just one point-scoring finish in grand prix since Miami in May.

Hulkenberg did manage to qualify seventh for the 2023 Qatar GP sprint, but ultimately Magnussen‘s 14th on Sunday was the closest the team got to points.

“The update is highly anticipated, it’s been a long time coming,” Hulkenberg said in a statement released by Haas. “It’s aimed to improve our performance, characteristics, and the weaknesses of the car we’ve found which has made us struggle especially on Sunday.

“It’s to help tyre wear, consistency, and better performance. Kevin and I since the beginning of the season, or after every session, feedback our findings and feelings to the engineers and designers.

“Hopefully, there’s a big jump in performance, but also, we need direction for next year – where we’re going to go with this car, which philosophy we’ll follow and which direction to take.”

Magnussen hoping for big Haas improvement

Haas’ livery for the 2023 US GP | Haas F1 team

Haas‘ new livery coincides with the year’s anniversary of MoneyGram becoming the team’s title sponsor.

They’re set to announce an additional tweak to the livery at an event on Thursday night, while there’s one yellow star on the design for the Starlight Children’s Foundation, set on the rear wing. But Magnussen is focussing most on the changes to the VF-23 beneath the paint.

“I’d be lying if I didn’t hope it will give us a big improvement,” Magnussen said. “But I think there’s actually a second element to bringing this upgrade which is to research for next year.

“I think we’re all secretly hoping it performs better than what we currently have but actually the bigger target with this is, is the research and the learning we can do for next year’s car.

“I think it’s been clear that in very specific circumstances our car can perform, but it’s a too narrow window and we need to broaden it and make it more user-friendly and compliant with a bigger variety of tracks and conditions.

“Hopefully we’ll be able to follow easier and be more friendly to tyres.”


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