FIA hint at chance of two Spanish F1 races amid Madrid GP rumours

An F1 race in Madrid is looking increasingly likely in the future


The FIA have not ruled out the possibility of two Spanish Grand Prix, amid speculation that a Formula 1 race around the streets of Madrid might well be on the horizon.

Spain already features once on the F1 calendar, with the Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya contracted to host the Spanish Grand Prix until at least 2026. With rumours suggesting that the city of Madrid might be in the running to hold an F1 race, the longevity of Barcelona’s tenure as Grand Prix host has been called into question.

“As a Spaniard, born in Madrid, I want F1 in Madrid again, it’s clear,” FIA President of the Senate Carmelo Sanz told Spanish publication AS.

“The last race was in 1981 [at Jarama, a circuit 20 miles north of Madrid], so having F1 in Madrid again is the wish of many people.”

“Is it possible to have two races? Yes, why not? We have three in the United States and two in Italy. Is it easy? No, is it possible? Yes”.

Sergio Perez performs in the RB7 Red Bull car in a demo run in Madrid | Red Bull Content Pool / Jacobo Medrano

What will a Madrid F1 circuit look like?

Should a Grand Prix come to Madrid, it’s expected that it would be in the form of a semi-street circuit, rather than a return to the pre-existing circuit in Jarama.

Despite his desire for a race in Madrid, Sanz has suggested that rumours on the matter have overestimated the completeness of the Madrid project.  

“I think there is a process to establish a Grand Prix and I don’t think it has been followed,” stated Sanz. “The sporting authority in motorsport in Spain is the [RFEdA], and as of today the [Madrid] project has not been received.”

“If a project is considered valid and interesting, it is channelled to the FIA to deal with homologations and certifications, more with a semi-urban circuit. No one at the FIA has yet worked on this project.”


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