Ferrari to honour legacy with a special livery at Italian GP

Ferrari will pay tribute to their racing legacy at the 2023 Italian Grand Prix in a series of different gestures


Ferrari will run a special livery at the 2023 Italian Grand Prix, featuring yellow alongside traditional red, in celebration of the brand’s victory at the 24 Hours of Le Mans.

The victory at the famous race in France was the first as a works team in 58 years, marking their comeback to the contest after half a century away.

As part of a tribute, and to show how Ferrari‘s DNA runs across all of their motorsport interests, the Formula 1 division will don yellow on their race suits and on the SF-23 car.

Two of the drivers of the winning 499P car, Antonio Giovinazzi and Alessandro Pier Guidi, will be present as guests, including the crew of the now-historic hypercar.

Antonio Fuoco will also be in attendance, after playing his part to Ferrari’s success in 2023 by taking pole position at Le Mans ahead of the winning Ferrari and the Toyotas.

Ferrari unveil special Italian GP 2023 livery | Scuderia Ferrari Press Office

“Last year in Monza, the historic company colour of yellow featured strongly in celebrations for the marque’s 75th anniversary and this year it’s back,” Ferrari said in a press release.

“The SF-23 livery will pay tribute to that of the 499P which won the world’s most famous endurance race, in the form of the yellow “V” stripes that run down the side of the Hypercar.”

“The walls of the walkway leading from the paddock to the pit garage, will feature illustrations of the Scuderia’s milestones in Formula 1 as well as in other categories where owners have raced their cars.”

Ferrari unveil special Italian GP 2023 livery | Scuderia Ferrari Press Office

Special helmets for Leclerc and Sainz

Carlos Sainz and Charles Leclerc will wear special helmets as part of the celebrations of Ferrari.

Leclerc’s lid will strongly feature yellow, whilst Sainz will wear mostly black.

The helmets are paired with one-off race suits in yellow or black, featuring a ‘long F’ logo that will also appear on the rear wing of the car.

Ferrari unveil special Italian GP 2023 livery | Scuderia Ferrari Press Office

Ferrari cars on show

The celebrations don’t stop there as three cars will also be displayed in the fan zone. The winning Le Mans 2023 challenger, the Ferrari 499P; a new GT car that won around the Nordschleife in Germany, and the F2003 F1 car that won the Grand Prix at Monza 20 years ago will be made available for viewing.

Ferrari aims to show how their racing identity translates across different series and how it reflects on Italian and Ferrari racing legacies.

Ferrari unveil special Italian GP 2023 livery | Scuderia Ferrari Press Office

Italian Air Force honoured

Further honour will be paid to the Italian Air Force, which was formed 100 years ago in 1923.

The ‘Aeronautica Militare’ are seen performing flyovers on F1 race days in Italy when they emblazon the Italian tricolour to the sky above Monza.



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