Fernando Alonso outlines his F1 2024 hopes with Aston Martin

The oldest driver in the paddock Fernando Alonso wants a 34th win in F1


For over 10 years Fernando Alonso has been chasing his 33rd win in his success-laden Formula 1 career and he believes it can finally happen in 2024 with Aston Martin’s new car.

Since his last victory at the 2013 Spanish Grand Prix, the Spaniard has gone over 3850 days without hearing the anthem of his country played for himself despite some small chances in 2023.

“I don’t think it’s going to change much because there are too many unknowns every season,” Alonso said to Aston Martin F1. “Anything can happen in Formula 1.

“When we go out on track in winter testing or the first race next year, I think we’ll see how things go and we’ll be very open with the goals we set for the championship. 

“Hopefully we will be competitive again, fighting for points and regular podiums, hopefully for our first win, that would be the dream, but we can’t underestimate the challenge.”

Aston Martin‘s best chance to win a race perhaps came at the 2023 Monaco GP when Alonso lined up second after narrowly missing out on pole. Despite that, he was on a good strategy with more durable tyres to extend his first stint and gamble on the rain.

But when the weather changed, Aston Martin called him to pit and they incorrectly sent him out on mediums anticipating it wouldn’t rain hard and they were forced to box Alonso again for intermediates, so Verstappen took the win.

Alonso isn’t expecting the order to change too much, although he doesn’t rule out the possibility his team taking a step closer to Max Verstappen and Red Bull.

“We exceeded expectations this year,” Alonso added. “Because expectations were low. That’s why this season feels amazing. If we set expectations that are too high, unrealistically high, there is a danger that the opposite will happen.”

When does Formula 1 return?

F1 will return for winter testing in early 2024, which is scheduled to take place on February 21-23 at the Bahrain International Circuit.

The first Grand Prix will take place on Saturday, March 2 with the 2024 Bahrain GP. It’s different to the traditional Sunday slot due to the observance of Ramadan in Islam. The Saudi Arabian GP will also take place on a Saturday a week later.


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