Horner explains reasons for Red Bull’s Sky Sports boycott

Red Bull refused to speak to any Sky Sports journalists over the 2022 Mexican Grand Prix weekend


Christian Horner has looked to explain the reasons Red Bull boycotted interviews from Sky Sports F1 journalists across the 2022 Mexican GP weekend, claiming a number of derogatory comments were made by those working for the broadcaster. 

The boycott began with Red Bull driver Max Verstappen who was irked by Sky Sports journalist Ted Kravitz using the word “robbed” when referring to the 2021 title race during his Ted’s Notebook show from the US Grand Prix. 

“We were obviously disappointed with a series of derogatory comments that have been made on Sky,” Horner told reporters after the Mexican GP, “so we feel that for this weekend, we just take a break, and it won’t do Sky any harm to take a break from them. 

“There needs to be balance in commentary. Some of the commentaries are excellent, but in some of the pieces, there is too much sensationalisation being done, and we stand together as a team.

“We’ve been very clear to them, and it’s not just Sky UK, it’s been all across the Sky channels, Germany, Italy, so that will be just for this weekend, but it was to register our discontent. 

“Sometimes some of the less impartial comments and accusations that are made it seems that tv is becoming ever more sensationalised.”

Race winner Max Verstappen of Red Bull Racing and fourth placed Sergio Perez during 2022 US Grand Prix | Getty Images / Red Bull Content Pool

Red Bull will be back

Horner did confirm that Red Bull would resume normal service with Sky at the Brazilian Grand Prix in two weeks. 

“Service will be resumed, but we just wanted to lay down a marker to say that some things aren’t acceptable, and as a team, we stand together,” Horner continued. 

“I think the accusation that the championship was being robbed is we don’t feel an impartial commentary, so obviously, we don’t feel it’s fair or balanced.

“Max was very upset about it, and as a team, we support him fully and equally we were upset about it so I took the decision that we’ll have a weekend off.”

Targeting other teams

That said, Horner also took aim at other teams in the Formula 1 paddock and accused them or targeting Red Bull

“Red Bull is a cheap target sometimes, we know that,” Horner said. “There has been a couple of issues during the course of the year, that we’ve addressed about as far as we’re concerned we’ve not said our piece but that’s it.

“I think the world we live in is always hungry for headlines and I think there needs to be a responsibility from the broadcasters not to feed those.”


  1. If this means we have to hear less of Horner’s constant playing the victim in everything, then it’s a good thing.

    If this means we have to hear less from Marko, then it’s a good thing.

    If this means we have to hear less of Verstappen’s constant whining, then it’s a good thing. If only they would apply the same blackout to his team radio then we wouldn’t have to hear him blaming his team for everything…

    Over the past few years, Red Bull (and the individuals named above in particular) have steadily eroded my interest in what used to be an exciting sport. I’ve watched F1 for over 40 years, but I’m sad to say I am far less interested in it these days.

    Horner, Verstappen and Marko are outraged by everything, but embarrased by nothing. They’re alway the victim, it’s never their fault.

    I’ve never supported one team over another in F1 – I’ve always simply been a fan of the sport itself, but my enjoyment of it is being ruined by the pathetic whining of these individuals, and I know I’m not alone in this.

    It seems Liberty Media are intent on appealing to a “new” fanbase, seemingly at the expense of their “traditional” fans. Whether these new fans will support the sport in the long-term remains to be seen…

  2. Putting pressure on the people asking the questions. Sounds like something Putin would do.
    I think the general feeling is that Hamilton was robbed, but now they have been caught cheating I suppose an apology for the fans is a lot to ask.


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