F1 Chinese Grand Prix – Past Winners

From Rubens Barrichello in 2004 to Lewis Hamilton in 2019, find out every F1 driver that has won the Chinese GP


The Chinese Grand Prix has showcased a series of spectacular races since its first race in 2004 at the Shanghai International Circuit. Over the years, this event has witnessed outstanding performances from some of the world’s best drivers.

Each race at the Shanghai International Circuit has contributed to the rich tapestry of F1 history, providing fans with unforgettable moments of high-speed competition and dramatic sporting achievements

Here are the winners of each F1 Chinese GP since its inception in 2004, emphasising the significance of their victories in the broader context of their Formula 1 careers.

Every F1 Chinese GP Winner

The Shanghai International Circuit has seen several Formula 1 drivers excel, but a few stand out due to their multiple victories and memorable performances, and with no less than nine different winners in the 16 races held in China, the race is always unpredictable.

  • 2004: Rubens Barrichello, Ferrari – The Brazilian driver secured the first-ever win at the newly inaugurated Shanghai International Circuit.
  • 2005: Fernando Alonso, Renault – Alonso’s win helped solidify his lead in that year’s championship standings.
  • 2006: Michael Schumacher, Ferrari – Schumacher’s victory reignited his championship hopes during his final season before his first retirement.
  • 2007: Kimi Raikkonen, Ferrari – A crucial win for Räikkönen, contributing significantly to his World Championship title that year.
  • 2008: Lewis Hamilton, McLaren – Hamilton dominated the race, taking a major step towards his first World Championship.
  • 2009: Sebastian Vettel, Red Bull – Vettel’s win marked Red Bull Racing’s emergence as a championship contender.
  • 2010: Jenson Button, McLaren – Button excelled in changeable weather conditions, showcasing his smooth driving style and strategic acumen.
  • 2011: Lewis Hamilton, McLaren – Another stellar performance by Hamilton, overcoming tire and strategy challenges.
  • 2012: Nico Rosberg, Mercedes – Rosberg achieved his maiden Formula 1 victory, marking Mercedes’ return as a race-winning constructor.
  • 2013: Fernando Alonso, Ferrari – Alonso’s masterful control of the race highlighted his tactical brilliance.
  • 2014: Lewis Hamilton, Mercedes – Dominating the race, Hamilton contributed to Mercedes’ strong performance in the turbo-hybrid era.
  • 2015: Lewis Hamilton, Mercedes – A smooth drive to victory, further extending his success at the Shanghai circuit.
  • 2016: Nico Rosberg, Mercedes – Rosberg continued his strong start to the season with a win, maintaining momentum in his championship-winning year.
  • 2017: Lewis Hamilton, Mercedes – Hamilton delivered yet another impeccable performance to take victory.
  • 2018: Daniel Ricciardo, Red Bull – Known for his overtaking prowess, Ricciardo charged through the field for a memorable win.
  • 2019: Lewis Hamilton, Mercedes – Hamilton secured a win in what was the 1000th race in Formula 1 history, underlining his status as one of the sport’s greats.
Lewis Hamilton celebrates winning 2019 Chinese Grand Prix | Mercedes / Wolfgang Wilhelm
Lewis Hamilton celebrates winning 2019 Chinese Grand Prix | Mercedes / Wolfgang Wilhelm

Most Successful F1 Drivers at Chinese GP

The Chinese GP has been a stage for some drivers to consistently display their exceptional skills, making significant impacts at the Shanghai International Circuit.

  • Lewis Hamilton: The undisputed king of the Shanghai International Circuit, Lewis Hamilton has clinched victory six times (2008, 2011, 2014, 2015, 2017, 2019). Hamilton’s first win in 2008 was a masterclass in wet-weather driving, helping to establish his reputation as a rainmaster.
  • Fernando Alonso: With two wins (2005, 2013), Fernando Alonso’s performances in China have been a testament to his driving prowess and strategic acumen. His 2005 victory was crucial for cementing his bid for that year’s World Championship, showcasing his ability to lead from the front.
  • Nico Rosberg: With two significant wins (2012, 2016), Rosberg’s performances in China were pivotal in his career, particularly his 2012 win which was his first ever in Formula 1 and marked the resurgence of Mercedes as a top contender giving them their first victory since returning as a works outfit.
The 2015 Chinese Grand Prix | Ferrari
The 2015 Chinese Grand Prix | Ferrari

Most Successful Teams at Chinese GP

Certain teams have shown remarkable success at the Shanghai International Circuit, leveraging their technological edge and strategic insights.

  • Mercedes: The clear leader with a total of six wins (2012, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2019). The team’s first win in 2012 with Nico Rosberg was particularly historic, marking Mercedes’ return to the top of the podium as a constructor for the first time since 1955. The subsequent victories were often dominated by Lewis Hamilton, who expertly utilized the team’s technical strengths to outperform rivals, particularly in 2014 and 2015 during the turbo-hybrid era.
  • Ferrari: Ferrari has captured four victories in China (2004, 2006, 2007, 2013). The inaugural race in 2004 was won by Rubens Barrichello, setting a high standard for the team. Another significant win was Michael Schumacher’s 2006 victory, which came amidst challenging weather conditions, showcasing Ferrari’s strategic brilliance. Fernando Alonso’s 2013 win was a masterclass in tire management and race pace, demonstrating the team’s ability to excel on the technical Shanghai track.
  • Red Bull: Red Bull has secured three wins at this venue (2009, 2010, 2018). Sebastian Vettel’s 2009 victory was a key moment, marking the team’s ascension as a dominant force in Formula 1. The 2010 race saw Vettel’s teammate, Mark Webber, climb from 18th on the grid to finish second, illustrating the car’s remarkable pace and adaptability under mixed weather conditions. In 2018, Daniel Ricciardo provided a thrilling performance with several overtakes to clinch the win, underlining Red Bull’s competitive edge.

The Chinese Grand Prix has been more than just a race; it’s been a showcase of Formula 1’s evolving dynamics, featuring technological battles, strategic gambits, and raw driver talent. As we look forward to future races, the legacy of past champions continues to influence the aspirations of new talents on the Formula 1 grid.

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