Leclerc expects major Ferrari issue to remain at Canadian GP

The Monegasque has a big problem to resolve and Ferrari don't appear to have found a solution


Ferrari driver Charles Leclerc is expecting another tough weekend at the 2023 Formula 1 Canadian Grand Prix after a pointless race in Spain.

The Scuderia star qualified woefully in Barcelona and could not race his way into the top 10 and it later emerged that he was struggling massively in left-hand corners.

Those issues don’t appear to have been fixed by Ferrari as there are no new parts coming to the scarlet red car in Montreal.

“It’s the first time it’s happened in my career,” Leclerc told the media ahead of the Canadian GP. “When I looked at the left-hand corners, that’s where I was struggling.

“I said it straight away after qualifying and we can see that on the data I’m losing six and a half to seven-tenths in left-hand corners.

“But there are no real reasons yet so I can’t say much more on that.”

Big question mark over new tyres

Pirelli and F1 are hoping to introduce tyres that don’t need heated blankets from 2024 and Leclerc tested the latest prototypes in between Spain and Canada.

Even though the test went smoothly for Leclerc, he is not confident in giving a definitive yes or no answer to abolishing tyre blankets.

“I think it’s too early and I don’t have all the answers right now,” Leclerc added. “I have to say that in the conditions I had during the test, it went well.

“In lower temperatures, I don’t know. I haven’t driven these tyres in lower temperatures and that’s where the big question mark is.

“I would like to test the tyres in different conditions and then see if they are raceable in all conditions but it was a positive test.”


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