McLaren chief Zak Brown demands immediate FIA decision amid cost cap concerns

The McLaren CEO is keen to see action taken with the new 2026 F1 regulations in mind


Zak Brown wants to see the FIA take action fast in order to finalise Formula 1‘s new regulations for the 2026 season.

The McLaren CEO fears delaying the final rules could see teams burst the cost cap while also trying to be sustainable in their processes.

He also believes that there must be a better platform in place for expertise to be shared across the paddock regarding sustainability rather than performance gains.

“We’re staunch supporters of the cost cap and don’t want to see it undermined, but the current rules have certain unintended bans when it comes to investing in sustainability,” Brown told the media.

“Our sport needs a clear regulatory framework with financial, technical and sporting rules that improve innovation and investment in sustainability. We need to find better ways to share expertise across the industry.

“If we want to take a big step with the 2026 rules, we have to make these decisions now.”

Sustainability report

McLaren announced their latest sustainability report on May 18 which detailed how the company are hoping to be as planet-friendly as they can.

Intentions to halve the carbon dioxide emissions by 2030 and be net zero by 2040 were unveiled as well as a circular economy which includes the removal of one-use coffee cups among other small changes.

The other key areas McLaren identified were diversity and inclusion as well as health and wellbeing, with a focus on mental health.


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