Past Winners of the F1 Bahrain Grand Prix

Unveiling the Icons of Bahrain: Lewis Hamilton, Sebastian Vettel, and the dominant forces of Ferrari and Mercedes in F1's Desert Duel

Max Verstappen winning the 2023 Bahrain Grand Prix
Max Verstappen of Red Bull takes the chequered flag to win the 2023 Bahrain Grand Prix | Getty Images / Red Bull Content Pool

The Bahrain Grand Prix, a jewel in the crown of the Formula 1 calendar, epitomises the blend of cutting-edge technology, driver skill, and strategic prowess that defines elite motorsport. 

Since its inception, the race has carved out a reputation for thrilling battles, strategic masterclasses, and moments that have entered the annals of F1 lore. Here we’ll embark on a journey through time, exploring the past winners of the F1 Bahrain GP and shedding light on the legends who have conquered the Bahrain International Circuit.

Situated amidst the desert landscape of Sakhir, the Bahrain International Circuit has been challenging drivers and their teams since 2004. With a length of 5.412km, 15 turns, and a mix of high-speed straights and demanding corners, it tests every aspect of a team’s mettle. 

The circuit is especially noted for its ‘Endurance’ layout used in 2010 and the night race format introduced in 2014, adding layers of complexity and spectacle to the racing experience.

Every F1 Bahrain GP Winner

The Bahrain Grand Prix, since its inaugural race in 2004, has been a stage for some of Formula 1’s most memorable moments and a battleground for the sport’s finest talents. 

Year after year, drivers and teams descend upon the Bahrain International Circuit, each aiming to etch their names into the annals of history. Here, we take a chronological journey through the winners of each race, highlighting the champions who have mastered the desert circuit’s unique challenges.

  • 2004: Michael Schumacher, Ferrari – Triumphing at the inaugural Bahrain Grand Prix, Schumacher set a high standard for excellence.
  • 2005: Fernando Alonso, Renault – Alonso’s victory was a sign of his rising dominance in Formula 1.
  • 2006: Fernando Alonso, Renault – Alonso repeated his success, showcasing his and Renault’s prowess.
  • 2007: Felipe Massa, Ferrari – Massa’s win underlined Ferrari’s strong performance on the track.
  • 2008: Felipe Massa, Ferrari – Massa continued Ferrari’s dominance with another commanding victory.
  • 2009: Jenson Button, Brawn GP – Button’s win highlighted Brawn GP’s miraculous season.
  • 2010: Fernando Alonso, Ferrari – Alonso, now with Ferrari, showcased his continued excellence in Bahrain.
  • 2011: Race not held due to political unrest.
  • 2012: Sebastian Vettel, Red Bull – Vettel’s victory marked the beginning of Red Bull’s dominance in the early 2010s.
  • 2013: Sebastian Vettel, Red Bull – Vettel repeated his success, showcasing his skill and Red Bull’s strategic brilliance.
  • 2014: Lewis Hamilton, Mercedes – Hamilton’s win in a thrilling duel under the lights marked the start of Mercedes’ era.
  • 2015: Lewis Hamilton, Mercedes – Hamilton continued his and Mercedes’ dominance with another win.
  • 2016: Nico Rosberg, Mercedes – Rosberg’s victory added to Mercedes’ tally, amidst a season of intense rivalry.
  • 2017: Sebastian Vettel, Ferrari – Vettel claimed victory, hinting at a Ferrari resurgence.
  • 2018: Sebastian Vettel, Ferrari – Vettel’s win reinforced Ferrari’s competitive edge.
  • 2019: Lewis Hamilton, Mercedes – Hamilton’s triumph underlined his continued excellence and adaptability.
  • 2020: Lewis Hamilton, Mercedes – Amidst a globally challenging year, Hamilton’s mastery on the track was undisputed.
  • 2021: Lewis Hamilton, Mercedes – Hamilton further solidified his legendary status with yet another victory in Bahrain.
  • 2022: Charles Leclerc, Ferrari – Leclerc’s win signified a promising shift in Ferrari’s fortunes and hinted at a competitive season ahead.
  • 2023: Max Verstappen, Red Bull – Verstappen’s victory at the Bahrain Grand Prix showcased his and Red Bull’s dominance in the sport, setting a strong tone for the season.
Mercedes' Lewis Hamilton celebrates winning the 2022 Bahrain Grand Prix |  Pool via REUTERS/Lars Baron
Mercedes’ Lewis Hamilton celebrates winning the 2022 Bahrain Grand Prix | Pool via REUTERS/Lars Baron

Most Successful Drivers and Teams at the Bahrain Grand Prix

The Bahrain International Circuit, with its blend of high-speed straights and challenging corners, has been a true test of skill and machinery in the Formula 1 calendar. Over the years, certain drivers and teams have risen to the occasion more successfully than others, leaving an indelible mark on its history.

Most Successful Drivers in Bahrain

  • Lewis Hamilton has mastered the Bahrain circuit with a total of five victories (2014, 2015, 2019, 2020, and 2021), driving for Mercedes. Hamilton’s success at Bahrain is a testament to his exceptional driving skills, particularly his ability to manage tires and execute overtakes in critical moments of the race. His victories across different eras of F1 machinery underscore his adaptability and competitive edge.
  • Sebastian Vettel has also enjoyed considerable success at Bahrain, securing four wins (2012, 2013 with Red Bull Racing, and 2017, 2018 with Ferrari). Vettel’s victories highlight his precision driving and strategic race management, especially his performance in 2013, which demonstrated his and Red Bull Racing’s dominance during that period. His subsequent wins with Ferrari showcased his ability to adapt to different team dynamics and car performance.
Sebastian Vettel of Red Bull at the 2012 Bahrain Grand Prix | Getty Images / Red Bull Content Pool
Sebastian Vettel of Red Bull at the 2012 Bahrain Grand Prix | Getty Images / Red Bull Content Pool

Most Successful Teams in Bahrain

  • Ferrari has been a dominant force at the Bahrain Grand Prix, with six wins overall attributed to drivers like Michael Schumacher (2004), Felipe Massa (2007, 2008), Fernando Alonso (2010), and Sebastian Vettel (2017, 2018). Ferrari’s success is a reflection of their technical excellence and ability to develop cars that perform well in the demanding conditions of Bahrain, including managing tire wear and optimizing straight-line speed.
  • Mercedes has also established itself as a formidable team in Bahrain, particularly in the turbo-hybrid era, with six wins coming from Nico Rosberg (2016) and Lewis Hamilton (2014, 2015, 2019, 2020, 2021). Mercedes’ dominance at Bahrain can be attributed to their superior engine performance, aerodynamic efficiency, and strategic mastery, allowing them to excel on the circuit’s long straights and fast corners.

These drivers and teams have not only achieved remarkable success at the Bahrain International Circuit but have also contributed to the rich history of the race, thrilling fans with memorable moments and fierce battles. Their achievements underline the combination of driver skill, team strategy, and technical prowess required to conquer one of Formula 1’s most challenging venues.

Changes Over the Years

The Bahrain Grand Prix has evolved, with changes to the track layout and race formats reflecting the sport’s dynamic nature. The introduction of the ‘Endurance’ layout in 2010 and the transition to a night race in 2014 are notable examples that have added to the race’s prestige and challenge.

The Bahrain Grand Prix remains a testament to the spirit of Formula 1, a battleground where legends are made, and history is written with every lap. As we look back on the past winners, we also look forward to future races, where new champions will emerge, and the legacy of the Bahrain International Circuit will continue to grow.



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