Aston Martin boss praises Mercedes’ reaction to Honda engine deal

Aston Martin will have F1 engines supplied by Honda from 2026


Mike Krack has praised the amicable reaction of Mercedes’ after Aston Martin announced an exclusive engine deal with Honda for 2026

Honda, who had been left without a team following Red Bull’s switch to Ford, announced on Wednesday that they would be partnering with Aston Martin for the new power-unit regulations in 2026.

“Very professional as you would expect,” Krack said to select members of the the media, including “They understand our situation. They understand that, as a team, we want to take the next step. 

“I am full of admiration about not only how they handle it but also what we have received in all these years so far. 

“It’s a super reliable competitive product. I’m quite confident that it will stay the same for the next two years.”

Lack of gearbox, not a concern

The ending of Aston Martin’s partnership with Mercedes comes at a time of profound change for the Silverstone-based team as they plan to move into their new factory between Monaco and Spanish Grand Prix.

Once their deal with Mercedes concludes, the team’s new state-of-the-art campus will also have a facility where Aston Martin can build its own gearboxes.

“We don’t have a gearbox at the moment,” admitted Krack. “It’s a challenge. We are aware of that. But you will also probably know we are moving into the new building over the weekend.

“So we have all provisions to build gearboxes, this was always phase four. We are aware it is a challenge. But I think over the next month, we will set ourselves up, and then we should be ready.”


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