Lewis Hamilton admits he used to fake illness to skip F1 testing

Seven-time world champion Lewis Hamilton isn’t a fan of testing


Lewis Hamilton has admitted he pretended to be sick to skip Formula 1 testing and said he thought George Russell was trying to do the same thing in a media appearance during 2023.

Hamilton has won 82 races with Mercedes since joining the team from McLaren at the conclusion of the 2012 season and has also taken 78 pole positions. However, he confessed that he hated testing the dominant cars the team produced, thus schemed to escape that duty.

The news comes after the Briton admitted he suspected that his teammate, Russell, did the same thing ahead of an event in Brackley, their aerodynamic factory, that involved Toto Wolff, Mick Schumacher and himself.

“When Toto said on our visit to the factory that George was sick, something came to my mind that had to do with me,” Hamilton told the media. 

“That’s something I’ve done in the past to miss test days, as it’s not something I like. So when I heard that, I thought, ‘He’s overtaken me, he’s gone to another level’.”

Have Mercedes announced their car launch date?

Mercedes have struggled since the start of 2022 after pursuing the minimal sidepods concept, which has yielded just one win and three pole positions during the modern ground effect era.

But with James Allison, the person who designed 2020’s W11 car, back at the helm, Hamilton’s team hopes their W15 challenger for 2024 will catapult them back to the front as they hunt down Red Bull. Their date of launch has not yet been released.

So far, only four teams have announced the dates of their launches: Ferrari on February 13, Aston Martin on February 12, Williams on February 5 and Stake F1, the rebranded Sauber team, also on February 5.


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