Valtteri Bottas: Drivers not being listened to on track limits

Track limits was a major talking point at the United States GP and could also be an issue in Mexico City


Alfa Romeo driver Valtteri Bottas believes the FIA needs to listen to the drivers more around track limits, after expressing surprise that feedback given about Austin was not listened to.

Austin saw the FIA change the ruling around track limits at certain corners overnight last weekend at the 2023 United States Grand Prix, with the adjustment at Turn 19 costing Max Verstappen pole position.

George Russell was given a time penalty in the Sprint, meanwhile, and Alex Albon was given one in Sunday’s race, with the issue hitting the headlines once again – though perhaps not to the extent as the farcical nature of the Austrian Grand Prix earlier this season.

“I think it’s hard work for the FIA to monitor every single driver in every single corner in every single lap, I think it’s almost impossible, so sometimes you might get away with it,” Bottas told the media.

“It’s tricky and it’s just track dependent, like Austin is almost provoking everyone to go to the limit, like Qatar, because there is a gain to be made if you carry more speed.

“So, there has to be a hard limit and it has been a discussion point for a long time, I think what all drivers were quite surprised was that there were no changes made from last year in Austin, there were no different kerbs or gravel strips, anything to prevent that, so we just want to see that we keep improving those things, instead of just having times deleted.

“We had issues there last year, so that needs to be changed – whether it’s gravel or some other kind of kerb to prevent us from going over.”

Bottas: FIA not listening to drivers on track limits

Valtteri Bottas of Alfa Romeo at 2023 Monaco GP | Alfa Romeo F1 Team

Bottas has suggested that the drivers’ feedback around certain circuits on track limits needs to be listened to more than it is currently.

The Finn acknowledged some progress was being made but when asked if he thought that the drivers’ comments weren’t being considered enough by the FIA, he replied: “Yes, I would say so.

“Everyone had their feedback last year, so everyone was expecting some changes to be made and they weren’t, so hopefully next year.

“I think they’re starting to understand because it’s also so much work for them, so they are getting s*** because of it, they cannot spot every single mistake, every single situation.

“I would imagine that come next year they’ll come up with some solutions. I think they are taking this seriously.”


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