Toto Wolff admits Wikipedia comments not intelligent

Toto Wolff had stated Max Verstappen's success is an 'irrelevant' Wikipedia statistic


Mercedes team principal Toto Wolff had dismissed Max Verstappen‘s record-breaking winning run as irrelevant stats for Wikipedia but admits it wasn’t the most intelligent thing he’s said.

Wolff was criticised for his comments owing to the wealth of success that Mercedes had between 2014-2021, including very similar seasons such as 2020.

Verstappen didn’t hold back slamming the Austrian either, who suggested his comments were in bad taste following a tough Italian Grand Prix for the team and said that Wolff speaks so much about Red Bull he’s almost part of the team.

“Well, obviously when you when you look at the comments, in the in the circumstances you can think of it was it the most intelligent thing that I could have said and maybe not,” Wolff told the media.

“But it’s always been my mindset. It is something that I’ve taken from Niki [Lauda]. Niki gave his trophies away to get a free car wash, and you won’t find a lot of memorabilia in my places either because those numbers never made it for the two of us.”

Niki Lauda and Toto Wolff at the 2018 Canadian Grand Prix | Mercedes

Wolff changes his tune

Following the response, Wolff appears to have reflected and realised the apparent hypocrisy of what he said.

Between 2014-2016 and 2020, Mercedes experienced runs that saw them beaten no more than four times within a season with Lewis Hamilton generally being the one collecting the majority of wins.

The career statistics of the team and marquee driver have been a talking point within the paddock, media and fans with them even being hailed as both the best team and the best driver ever.

Wolff appears to have remembered this and conceded that Red Bull are doing a very good job in this year’s Formula 1 season.

Max Verstappen in action during the Singapore GP | Rudy Carezzevoli / Red Bull Content Pool

“In F1 it’s is a meritocracy and I’ve said it said it often during this year that only only the best will win world championships,” Wolff continued. “You need to recognise what a great job is being done there.

“They will take they will take another big trophy and that it’s something that’s the most valuable. The best person in the best car wins the world championship.”


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