Max Verstappen complains about FIA politics: Too many rules

He wished that the Grand Prix Drivers’ Association would have a greater say in F1 regulations


Max Verstappen has criticised the amount of politics in Formula 1 and wants the Grand Prix Drivers’ Association (GPDA) to have a greater voice in the paddock.

The comments come at the 2023 Brazilian Grand Prix weekend after the FIA introduced new guidelines to control drivers on their qualifying out-laps, to prevent blocking the pit exit which has been an issue at the Singapore and Mexico City GP this season.

The GDPA currently doesn’t have a formal say in any matters of the sport. For example, they can’t cast a vote to accept the latest regulation changes. The purpose of the group is to serve on a consulting basis and to voice concerns, but drivers are starting to feel that this might not be enough – including the world champion.

“Sometimes it has too many rules that they have to take into account,” Verstappen told the press. “And too many politics as well to make a change or a decision.

“Of course, I would the GPDA to have a say. I would like to be the owner of F1 if I could, but that’s not the real world.”

Drivers have been frustrated with F1’s organising body for several reasons over the last two years such as inconsistencies on track limits, penalties, technical directives and regulation changes, which they believe is harming both the sporting integrity and also the show for fans.

Verstappen’s teammate, Sergio Perez, also backed up and echoed the Dutchman’s words by calling for greater GDPA influence in matters of the sport.

“I think would be nicer if the GPDA could have a little bit more influence,” the Mexican added. “Because the GDPA is not just a single driver, it’s the majority of us.”

“We’re living the sport, and it would be nice to see in the near future that they could consider the opinion of the GPDA as an association more.”


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