Magnussen urges for older F1 venues to remain on calendar

Haas driver Kevin Magnussen gave his thoughts on traditional racing circuits on the Formula 1 schedule


Kevin Magnussen has called for Formula 1‘s historic venues to remain on the F1 calendar in years to come.

The legendary principality venue was threatened with F1 expulsion in 2022 due to disputes regarding individual sponsorship deals, before receiving a reprieve which guarantees Monaco‘s spot on the calendar until 2025.

“Well, I love Monaco, I love racing at these historic, older venues,” Magnussen exclusively told “I hope to see them on the calendar for many years to come because, as a driver, I enjoy them. 

“But there is a commercial side to the sport, which we’re all benefiting from. I understand that side of it as well. I’m also just a passionate F1 fan, and I enjoy these races.”

Wider cars make it more of a challenge to overtake

With seven races on F1‘s 22-race calendar taking place on street circuits, drivers now have to bide their time before attempting to make an overtake 

This caused April’s Azerbaijan Grand Prix to become a procession, with most overtakes occurring down the start and finish straight.

“In Monaco, it’s always been difficult to overtake,” said Magnussen. “So that’s nothing new, really. I think the other street tracks are so consistent, like Baku, it’s certainly narrow.

Kevin Magnussen in action at the Monaco GP | Simon Galloway / LAT Images

“With these wide cars, the track is getting narrower and narrower. But I see that as a challenge on regular tracks, it’s also getting harder to overtake.

“We are still able to overtake. It’s just a little bit harder, but I wonder if that’s just maybe better for the show that it’s not easy to pass.”


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