Lando Norris assesses personal performance after impressive 2023

Lando Norris finished sixth in the 2023 F1 drivers' championship


McLaren driver Lando Norris has given an assessment of his performance in 2023 after his most successful campaign in Formula 1 yet.

The Briton scored seven podiums over the course of 2023, with the McLaren car improving dramatically midway through the season, allowing him to compete at the right end of the field.

“I think I’ve definitely been at my best in terms of performance,” Norris told the press. “I’m trying to still adapt to this car because it’s not an easy car. How I want to drive quickly is the opposite of how this car wants to be good.

“And so my natural thing of going out and driving qualifying as best as I work is not how our car needs to be driven. I still have to change a little bit how I have to drive the car but since I would say the halfway point of the season, I’ve felt more confident.”

Still adapting to the car

Norris had four consecutive podiums from the Singapore Grand Prix to the United States GP but was unable to take a win from Red Bull and Max Verstappen.

The 24-year-old revealed he felt as though he was still getting to grips with the car, even in Abu Dhabi.

“Especially from a racing perspective, we’re getting the most out of the car,” continued Norris. “I’ve just made a few too many mistakes in qualifying, which I think have been obvious and I’ve acknowledged but I definitely think I’ve had some of my best races I’ve ever done.

“I believe as I’ve said many times before that McLaren can turn things around. I think this was the year that we needed and the team needed to kind of prove those things which has been perfect.”


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