Lando Norris ‘hates’ off-track obligations after Las Vegas razzmatazz

Lando Norris criticised the media scrutiny surrounding the 2023 Las Vegas GP


Lando Norris has explained that he “hates” some of the obligations he and the other Formula 1 drivers are asked to do around Grand Prix weekends after a busy week at the 2023 Las Vegas Grand Prix.

The much-hyped race in Vegas, as was the case with the likes of Miami as it made its arrival, was full of glitz and glamour imposed on the drivers.

An opening ceremony took place on the Wednesday evening prior to the event with the drivers presented on podiums on the main straight, whilst an introduction on the grid ahead of the Grand Prix also took place.

“I’m not into any of these things, I don’t enjoy it,” Norris told the press. “I’m very much an introvert with all this stuff. I don’t like going onto a big stage and having cameras on me all the time, I hated drama at school, I don’t enjoy it in any way.

“Sometimes it’s more fun with some of the partners and stuff like that, so it’s just a balance. We love to race, none of us come here just for the show.

“It’s just a balance [that’s needed,] I think it’s a lot more than we’d do in other places, and it’s slowly ramped up over the years. We also give a lot more time to TV than other sports.”

Sport vs ‘The show’

Lando Norris navigates The Strip Circuit at the 2023 Las Vegas GP | McLaren F1 Team

F1 races in America certainly seem to draw big ceremonies more than other locations, and Norris is by no means the only driver to be irked a little by them.

Max Verstappen was been hugely critical of the event, though others such as Fernando Alonso said that some extra glitz in Las Vegas made sense.

“I think it’s good, I’m happy to race in a city like this one, crazy city, crazy setup,” said Alonso. “All the facilities, they look great for the first year and in the second year, they will improve a few things.”


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