How much is Sergio Perez worth? Sergio Perez salary 2023

    Find out what Sergio Perez's net worth is and how much he will earn in the 2023 Formula 1 season


    In the realm of Formula 1, Sergio Perez has carved a niche for himself as a consistent and reliable driver, performing for several different teams across the grid during his career.

    Now racing for Red Bull, Perez is a race winner in 2023 and was the only driver able to provide any challenge to Max Verstappen in the season, but is that reflected in his earnings and net worth?

    In this article, we will explore the financial aspects of this F1 star, revealing his anticipated 2023 salary and giving an in-depth look at his accumulated wealth.

    How much will Sergio Perez earn in 2023?

    Sergio Perez and Max Verstappen of Red Bull ahead of 2023 Hungarian Grand Prix | Getty Images / Red Bull Content Pool

    For the 2023 season, Sergio Perez is expected to earn a salary of $10 million. That’s less than a fifth of Red Bull teammate Verstappen‘s salary, but still enough to place him in the top six on the F1 grid.

    It’s also well ahead of Alex Albon and Pierre Gasly‘s current salaries at Williams and Alpine respectively – combined that pair still make less than Perez.

    They were Verstappen‘s two previous teammates at Red Bull but neither could hang in the seat for two full seasons, as Perez looks set to finish his third year in Milton Keynes.

    Red Bull boast the highest combined driver salary total – though Verstappen‘s earnings alone are higher than any other driver pairing.

    Perez’s consistent performances and experience in the sport ensure he remains one of the higher earners on the F1 grid, and that’s not even accounting for bonuses.

    With wins under his belt in 2023 Perez could pocket some extra money from those and as the second driver at Red Bull, he could also profit from Verstappen‘s title win too.

    How much is Sergio Perez worth?

    Sergio Perez looks on at the British GP | Dan Mullan / Getty Images / Red Bull Content Pool

    Perez’s boasts an extremely envy-enducing net worth of at least $30 million, with some estimates as high as $75 million.

    Having made his F1 debut in 2011, a successful career of over ten years has helped build up that number – made up of his F1 salaries, endorsements, and personal investments.

    Brands like Claro, Telcel, and Interproteccion have been long-time sponsors, contributing significantly to his earnings.

    Outside of racing, Perez has invested in real estate in his home country of Mexico and has a passion for luxury cars, owning several high-end models that further showcase his affluence.

    Perez‘s sole season at McLaren was arguably the most disappointing of his F1 career as he was crushed by teammate Jenson Button and failed to provide a strong replacement to Lewis Hamilton.

    But that’s not reflected by his garage though, as he owns a McLaren P1, 720 S and McLaren-Mercedes SLR, worth over $3 million combined. Perez also has a Bugatti Chiron, one of the fastest road cars in the world.

    However, even Perez‘s wealth pales into insignificance compared to the fellow Mexican backing his F1 career. Carlos Slim is the world’s seventh richest man, worth an eye-watering $100 billion.

    F1 Driver Salaries 2023

    1Max Verstappen$55m2028Red Bull
    2Lewis Hamilton$35m2023Mercedes
    3Charles Leclerc$24m2024Ferrari
    4Lando Norris$20m2025McLaren
    5Carlos Sainz$12m2024Ferrari
    6Sergio Perez$10m2024Red Bull
    7Valtteri Bottas$10m2025Alfa Romeo
    8George Russell$8m2023Mercedes
    9Esteban Ocon$6m2024+Alpine
    10Fernando Alonso$5m2024+Aston Martin
    11Pierre Gasly$5m2024+Alpine
    12Kevin Magnussen$5m2023Haas
    13Alex Albon$3m2024+Williams
    14Lance Stroll$2mOpenAston Martin
    15Nico Hulkenberg$2m2024Haas
    16Zhou Guanyu$2m2023Alfa Romeo
    17Oscar Piastri$2m2024+McLaren
    18Yuki Tsunoda$1m2023+AlphaTauri
    19Logan Sargeant$1m2023+Williams
    20Daniel RicciardoN/a2023AlphaTauri


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