F1 2023 Driver Height and Weight

    Who is the shortest driver in F1? Which driver weighs the most? F1 2023 drivers' height and weight


    Height and weight are so important for any Formula 1 driver in their never-ending quest to gain fractions of a second over their rivals in a sport which is all about fine margins.

    Modern F1 cars weigh a lot more than the previous generations of cars, and in the decades since, whilst the drivers only seem to be getting fitter and stronger.

    Yet, the sport still has some big exceptions to that trend and the 2023 grid harbours some sizeable differences between the tallest and shortest drivers, plus the heaviest and lightest racers.

    F1 2023 Driver Heights and Weights

    Max VerstappenRed Bull181cm/5’9″72kg/159lb
    Sergio PerezRed Bull173cm/5’7″63kg/139lb
    Charles LeclercFerrari179cm/5’9″69kg/152lb
    Carlos SainzFerrari178cm/5’9″64kg/141lb
    George RussellMercedes185cm/6’1″70kg/154lb
    Lewis HamiltonMercedes174cm/5’7″73kg/161lb
    Esteban OconAlpine186cm/6’1″66kg/145lb
    Pierre GaslyAlpine177cm/5’10”70kg/154lb
    Lando NorrisMcLaren170cm/5’6″68kg/150lb
    Oscar PiastriMcLaren178cm/5’8″68kg/150lb
    Valterri BottasAlfa Romeo173cm/5’7″69kg/152lb
    Zhou GuanyuAlfa Romeo175cm/5’7″63kg/139lb
    Lance StrollAston Martin182cm/5’10”70kg/154lb
    Fernando AlonsoAston Martin171cm/5’6″68kg/150lb
    Kevin MagnussenHaas174cm/5’7″68kg/150lb
    Nico HulkenbergHaas184cm/6’0″75kg/165lb
    Yuki TsuondaAlphaTauri159cm/5’2″54kg/120lb
    Nick De VriesAlphaTauri167cm/5’5″67kg/148lb
    Alex AlbonWilliams186cm/6’1″73kg/161lb
    Logan SargeantWilliams181cm/5’9″71kg/157lb
    2023 F1 grid heights and weights

    Why does weight matter in F1?

    Lighter drivers are generally preferred in F1 because of the extra freedom they can offer.

    A smaller weight means that their team can add the extra weight back on elsewhere to optimise the car and hit the minimum weight regulation of 796kg for 2023.

    This is called ballast and can aide the balance of the car, improving performance.

    For example, Yuki Tsunoda weighs 13kg (29lb) less than his former AlphaTauri teammate Nyck de Vries, allowing Tsunoda‘s side of the garage a 13kg advantage of weight disruption over De Vries.

    Nyck de Vries and Yuki Tsunoda at the 2023 AlphaTauri launch | Getty Images/Red Bull Content Pool

    What is the average height of an F1 driver?

    The average height of the F1 2023 grid is 177cm tall (5’8). It’s the same number as the previous season, despite four driver changes including the retirement of four-time world champion Sebastian Vettel.

    What is the average weight of an F1 driver?

    The average weight of the current F1 grid is 68kg (149lb) on average. At the lowest end of the spectrum is Tsunoda at 54kg (119lb) whilst HaasNico Hulkenberg is the heaviest at 75kg (165lb).

    Nico Hulkenberg at the 2023 Bahrain GP | Haas

    Who is the shortest driver on the 2023 F1 grid?

    Whilst he is also the lightest, Tsunoda is also the shortest. The AlphaTauri driver stands at 159cm (5’3″) tall, but is not the shortest to have ever driven in F1. That award goes to Andrea Montermini, an Italian driver who raced for Simtek in the 1990s. Montermini stood at 157cm (5’2″) tall.

    Who is the tallest driver on the 2023 F1 grid?

    Esteban Ocon of Alpine and WilliamsAlex Albon both share the title of tallest drivers on the 2023 F1 grid.

    The French and Thai drivers stand at 186cm (6’1″) tall but fall several centimetres below the tallest ever driver. Hans-Joachim Stuck, who raced in F1 in the 1970s, reached a height of 194cm.


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