Schumacher believes Vettel not solely responsible for Ferrari failure

Ralf Schumacher believes the systems in place at the Ferrari Formula 1 hampered Sebastian Vettel's ability to win a world title for the Italian team


Former Williams Formula 1 driver and six-time Grand Prix winner Ralf Schumacher believes Sebastian Vettel’s inability to win the world title with Ferrari isn’t solely down to him.

Following six incredibly successful seasons with Red Bull where he won all four of his Drivers’ Championships, Vettel made the move to Ferrari in 2015.

Unfortunately, the decision failed to yield the kind of success both parties expected with Vettel being forced out of the Scuderia in 2020.

Ferrari’s Sebastian Vettel celebrates his win on the podium with Ferrari’s Kimi Raikkonen and Ferrari Race Strategist Inaki Rueda by REUTERS/Brandon Malone

Schumacher admitted that the inability to win a title cannot be solely attributed to Vettel stating that his compatriot was not helped by the team’s structure.

“Being successful with Scuderia is always the ultimate goal for a driver,” Schumacher wrote on his blog for Sky Germany.

“A lot of people want that. But unfortunately it didn’t work out that way because of the structures. It was definitely not his fault alone. 

“Unfortunately, things didn’t go quite as well for him with Aston Martin. I would have wished that differently for him.”

Schumacher latest to believe a comeback could be on the cards

Schumacher also joined the likes of Lewis Hamilton in believing a Vettel comeback could be on the cars in a few years’ time.

“A comeback by Sebastian in Formula 1 cannot be ruled out,” Schumacher continued.

“You can see that again in Nico Hulkenberg and also in Fernando Alonso, who always wants to come back or continue. In Formula 1 there are many factors that lead to being fast. One of them is experience. 

“New drivers take a long time to get to the level of Sebastian Vettel. Accordingly, with his vast experience, Sebastian already has the chance to come back in a year or two and be among the front runners. 

“I don’t know if he actually does that. Maybe after a year or two with the family he will have the strength to start a comeback.”


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