Di Grassi claims Formula E Gen3 car can be 10 seconds faster

Season 3 Formula E champion Lucas di Grassi believes more should be done to show the full potential of the Gen3 car


Mahindra driver Lucas di Grassi claims the Gen3 Formula E car could be up to 10 seconds faster if the championship made changes to the technical regulations.

Di Grassi, who is the only driver to enter every round of the series, helped to found and create Formula E ahead of the inaugural 2014 season, acting as the championship’s official test driver.

He has seen Formula E evolve and is positive about Gen3’s first season, despite not achieving the best results himself as he finished 15th in the standings with just three points finishes.

“I would do a little bit of a facelift around the car, change the tyres to slicks or semi-slicks and make it softer, make it four-wheel drive and then the car will be 10 seconds faster,” Di Grassi exclusively told Total-Motorsport.com.

“I think the car is much better than Gen2 overall, but there’s so much potential. The car could be a lot better.”

Changes to Formula E car?

The Gen3 car has a top speed of 200mph (322kph) with a regenerative capability of 600kW. One area where the car could be made faster is the tyres as Hankook produced very hard rubber, which will also be the case in 2024.

Total-Motorsport.com understands there are plans for an evolution of the Gen3 car for 2025 or 2026, which will make the cars quicker.

Di Grassi is slightly frustrated Formula E are holding back with the technology of the car and feels most of the grid want to see changes.

Lucas di Grassi, Mahindra leads the pack. 2023 Mexico City E-Prix | Formula E

“The fans especially don’t realise the potential and the technology behind a car like this with the two motors because they look at lap times or speeds and see it’s not the same as whatever racing series or car,” Di Grassi continued.

“But this car can have one kilo per horsepower, put soft tyres and you can go three, four or five seconds faster.

“The car is a very well done piece of engineering, but it’s locked. That’s why it gets me a bit upset that it’s locked by regulations and rules. It’s already better than Gen2 but not even close to the potential.”

When is the 2024 Formula E season?

The new Formula E season begins with pre-season testing from Valencia at the Circuit Ricardo Tormo from October 23-27, with Mexico City hosting the 2024 opener on January 13.


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