Dan Ticktum hits out at Formula E drivers: Their opinion is wrong

Dan Ticktum was asked by Total-Motorsport.com about his thoughts regarding comments from other Formula E drivers that he races unfairly


Dan Ticktum says he crashes very rarely after he responded to criticism from other Formula E drivers about how racing style after being involved in two incidents at the Monaco E-Prix.

Ticktum damaged his front wing when he ran into the back of Sascha Fenestraz at the Rascasse, then was hit by Maximilian Gunther after Saint Devote just moments later.

Gunther called for a race ban on the team radio as he came to a halt at Massenet and retired from the race, as Ticktum went on to finish sixth.

Asked by Total-Motorsport.com what he thought about some drivers’ views on him, he said: “I don’t care about other drivers’ opinions.

“When you are in a car that’s inefficient, and you outqualify potentially where you should be, constantly looking in your mirrors, constantly trying to defend, it’s very tough.

“I spend a lot of time looking on my mirrors, especially in Berlin. I hate to end people’s races.

“If you look at my track record on other categories, like F2, these moments are incredibly sparse. “For them to have that opinion on me, they are entitled to it, but it’s wrong.”

He added: “I don’t know where that reputation comes from in terms of other drivers thinking that. I just think when I outqualify where my car is, it’s very tough to put my car in the right place when I’ve got people coming around me the whole time.

“Looking back at my earlier racing career, apart from the time I crashed into someone on purpose many years ago I actually crash very rarely.”

Ticktum also collided with Stoffel Vandoorne in Berlin and has the most penalty points of the drivers on the grid.

The Nio driver is on eight points and should he reach 12, a race ban will come his way. His first points come off at start of next season.

Dan Ticktum in action at the Monaco E-Prix | Formula E

On his two incidents in Monaco, the stewards did not deem him at fault and he revealed the safety car somewhat saved his race.

“Everyone was saving a lot and into Rascasse particularly, he [Fenestraz] almost stopped,” explained Ticktum. “I just clipped him at the point it wasn’t nose to tail so unfortunately that caused it to break.

“It was rubbing quite a lot and I thought potentially my race was over so I kept it pinned and hoped for the best.

“Guenther then crashed into the back of me so I was lucky not to be put in the barriers myself when he hit me.

“Then the safety car came out a lap later so I was able to hit some kerbs and make the wing in a position where it hinders me less, I even tapped Jake Hughes in front of me [to get rid of the damaged part]!”


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