Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya make big change for 2023 Spanish GP

The chicane is not used in other forms of top-tier motorsports, and fans have long called for its removal for F1.


Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya, host of the Spanish GP, has confirmed that it will remove the final chicane on the circuit for the 2023 F1 race at the track.

The circuit has come in for persistent criticism from F1 fans for using the Turn 13 chicane layout during Grand Prix, despite the alternative flat out layout being used in other top-tier motorsports, including Moto GP.

The decision means that drivers will be able to follow more closely through the final corner and down the main straight into Turn 1.

That will offer more overtaking opportunities at a track which has produced some less-than-thrilling races over the years since the chicane was introduced in 2007.

Working in tandem with the FIA and F1 race directors, the circuit will also install new TECPRO barriers in the last two turns to improve safety.

Facility Updates

Circuit management have also introduced changes to the track’s facilities, including new toilets in the fan area, after attendees at the 2022 race complained about inadequate facilities and access to water in soaring temperatures.

The revamp also includes a new, more modern signalling tower, as well as an open-plan space to replace the former hospitality areas on the first floor of the pit building.


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