Andretti remain confident of securing F1 entry

Mario Andretti has reaffirmed that Andretti-Cadillac are following all the protocols asked of them as they wait to hear whether their application to enter Formula 1 has been successful


Mario Andretti has revealed Andretti Global is following the protocols and working hard to convince the FIA to enter Formula 1.

The all-American project, which will be based in both America and the UK, are currently in contention for one of the two extra spots on the F1 grid for 2026, with Mario’s son, former CART champion Michael Andretti running the project.

“Everyone looks after their interests, but all we’re trying to do is just follow whatever protocol is in place and respond to whatever is requested of us,” Andretti exclusively told

“We expressed our desire to enter this series. Michael is going to be the principal of this project. I’m just on the coattails of it.

“I’m the father with pride, and the more that [he] is involved in the sport, the more it gives me a reason to be part of it and be somewhat active. 

“That’s where we are; we’re working very hard to satisfy everything that’s asked of us. I don’t know what else we can do.”

Andretti willing to convince critics

One of the biggest criticisms of Andretti Global was the lack of links to a manufacturer. But in early January, Cadillac was announced as a team partner, silencing critics and bringing some, such as Toto Wolff, onside.

When asked what he would say to critics of the project, Andretti believes they would understand how much the new outfit would bring to the sport.

“They would understand where we’re coming from; I mean, these are racers; they’re part of the sport, it’s been part of their lives, and they know that we’re not just starting from scratch”, reassured Andretti.

“We’re not coming from the outside; we’re insiders. Please try to understand your desires or our desires; you know how much you love what you’re doing, and we’re the same. 

“We feel we’re bringing something to the party. We have a commitment from General Motors with Cadillac; it’s a huge investment in our sport.

“So I think this spells something positive for the sport. We haven’t seen a fully-fledged American team since Dan Gurney’s All-American Racers, so why not embrace it?

“The US fan base is so strong. Let’s have a team that represents this country properly. These ingredients should be a positive aspect of F1.

Michael Andretti and Mario Andretti during practice for the Angie’s List Grand Prix of Indianapolis. Photo Credit: MATT KRYGER/INDYSTAR

Father and son part of the process of bringing Cadillac on board

To convince Cadillac to come on board, father and son teamed up where; they successfully convinced the brand to jump into F1 alongside their commitments in WEC.

“I’ve been part of that process to convince Cadillac that this was a great vehicle for them. It fit many of their future plans (for) the brand internationally,” explained Andretti.

“What I was excited about was Cadillac felt they would go out and show their commitment by going public. If we were accepted into F1, they would supply a big part of the team.

“So yeah, exciting the fact that they show their commitment clearly. We’ve been told you bring in the manufacturer you’re in, so we’ll see what happens”.

Ford’s presence in F1 can only be a positive

Cadillac won’t be the only American manufacturer to join F1 in 2026, as Ford announced that they would supply Red Bull and AlphaTauri engines for 2026.

For the first time, the two heavyweights of the US automotive industry will go head to head on the biggest stage in motorsport, which Andretti regards as a positive.

“That’s what it’s all about competition at the highest level and to (have) two major US manufacturers now in F1. So that can only be a very positive aspect for F1; that’s all I can say.”


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