As the title fight between Sir Lewis Hamilton and Max Verstappen is hotting up, Fernando Alonso has been forced to clarify comments he made regarding the Dutch driver, suggesting that his title charge would be hindered by virtue of him not being British. 

Alonso drove exceptionally in Hungary, but came in for criticism from Hamilton for his defensive tactics, which may well have sparked the comments made by the former Renault champion. 

“I have the impression always that when things get a little bit spicy or tense in the title fight, this sport, it is a British environment,” Alonso explained. 

“The teams are British, most of the journalists and media attention, TV crews, everyone comes from the UK. 

“Understandably, there is a little bit of preference on the guy from your country that can be competitive and keep winning, it’s what I felt when I was racing and it seems like I was the bad guy in F1 when I was fighting against British guys.”