McLaren driver Lando Norris won’t be the only F1 driver racing with a new helmet design at the 2022 Miami Grand Prix, but you’ll be hard pressed to find one wearing a more creative look.

Never one to shy away from modifying his helmet, the Brit’s latest may be his most unique yet, as he’ll don a basketball-themed look at the Miami International Autodrome.

“I saw some people playing basketball one time, and I thought, damn, thatโ€™d make for a cool helmet,โ€ said Norris.

“So I did it. It has some cool details on it, like my signature, my logo and my name in black with a nice neon outline.”

As mentioned, Norris isn’t the only F1 driver who will showcase a new helmet design, so here’s a look at the others, starting with the reigning World Champion Max Verstappen.

Max Verstappen

Fernando Alonso

Pierre Gasly

Yuki Tsunoda

Zhou Guanyu

Mick Schumacher

Valtteri Bottas

Sergio Perez

Daniel Ricciardo

Alex Albon

Sebastian Vettel