All the new F1 driver helmets for the 2022 Italian GP

    Ahead of what will be a special home race at Monza, Ferrari have unveiled a special livery that features splashes of yellow. Both drivers have released matching helmets as well


    Ferrari have tweaked their look for this weekend’s 2022 Italian Grand Prix, with yellow the colour of choice as the Scuderia celebrate Monza’s 100th anniversary.

    Although their championship hopes have faded in recent weeks, the Tifosi will be hoping the team challenge for victory on home soil for the first time since Charles Leclerc won there back in 2019.

    To mark the occasion Ferrari have unveiled a modified livery that features yellow flashes added across the front wing, car numbers, halo, engine cover and rear wing endplates.

    The ‘F lunga’ Ferrari logo will also appear in yellow across the rear wing of the F1-75.

    “From the Scuderiaโ€™s beginnings in 1929 and later when the car company was founded 75 years ago, Enzo Ferrari chose yellow, which along with blue is one of the colours of the Modena emblem, to feature on the companyโ€™s coat of arms, the Prancing Horse with the tricolour band at the top,” read a statement from Ferrari.

    “Itโ€™s a very special look to mark a very special occasion, the 100 year anniversary of the Monza circuit.โ€

    The drivers’ race suits and the team’s hospitality and garage will also be coloured for the weekend.

    Ferrari have always raced in red since the start of the F1 World Championship, but yellow has always been a big part of the Scuderia’s history.

    Yellow and blue are the colours of Modena’s flag and arms, the city in which Enzo Ferrari was born, while their Maranello base is also located in the province.

    Both drivers have also released matching helmet designs for the occasion as well. Here’s a look at all the new designs for the 2022 Italian Grand Prix.

    Charles Leclerc

    Carlos Sainz

    Zhou Guanyu

    Esteban Ocon

    Valtteri Bottas

    Sebastian Vettel

    Pierre Gasly and Yuki Tsunoda

    Mick Schumacher


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